TikTok Reaches Record 150M+ Active Users in U.S., CEO Announces on Platform

The CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, announced that the video app now has more than 150 million users in the US. The company also says that there are over 5 million businesses using TikTok content. This is good news for the app as it continues to grow and engage with new users.

The app has been in development for over four years and has amassed over 1 billion downloads in 192 countries. According to Chew, ByteDance is the world’s leading app platform, with over 700 million monthly active users and $5.6 billion in transaction volume. These numbers underscore how important ByteDance is to U.S. culture, and how the company should not be banned over national security concerns.

With more than half of the United States using TikTok, it is no surprise that the app has become a popular way for people to connect, share to learn or just have some fun. With new features being introduced all the time, there is always something for users to do on TikTok. Whether users are looking for laughs with videos of cats streaming themselves eating or trying out daring new filters and effects, there is sure to be something entertaining on TikTok.

One day after the New York Times published an article criticizing the app, TikTok issued a statement asking its users to come to its defense. The company used comments from its users to back up their claim that TikTok is a popular app. The comments showed that many people love using TikTok for fun and for connecting with friends. This testimony could help prove that the app is popular and useful, which could help protect it from future criticism.

The CEO of the app, Chew Best, is scheduled to testify before Congress later this week about their efforts to protect Americans. They have put in place measures to ensure that users are always safe, including the use of security features and verified members.


Our CEO, Shou Chew, shares a special message on behalf of the entire TikTok team to thank our community of 150 million Americans ahead of his congressional hearing later this week.

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Today, we are excited to share a message from our CEO, Shou Chew, to our community of 150 million Americans. He is coming in for his congressional hearing later this week and wanted to Thank You all for your support! We know that this past year has been tough and we appreciate the love and encouragement that you have given us. Now let’s keep working hard so that we can continue making a positive impact on the world through TikTok.

I love TikTok because it is a great way to bond with my friends and family. We can all have fun together and share our unique talents.

This upcoming hearing with the CEO of the app, SnAPP, is sure to be a heated one. The company has come under fire in recent weeks for their privacy practices and how they protect children. They will likely undergo questioning from members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who are interested in getting a better understanding of how this app functions and what safeguards they have in place to protect user data.

TikTok is taking steps to protect Americans’ privacy, but there is more the company can do. In particular, TikTok should work to reduce the amount of harm its algorithmically exploited users. Additionally, Big Tech companies like TikTok need to be more transparent about theirdata practices in order to reassure citizens and regulators that their information is being used responsibly.

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee’s vote in favor of a bill that could give Biden government power to ban the app has raised alarm among some users that their data could be passed on to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Meanwhile, reports indicate that authorities are putting pressure on ByteDance to sell TikTok or face an embargo as its links with China have them concerned about user data being passed on to the Chinese government. Recently, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice also began investigations into TikTok after some employees allegedly used the app to spy on U.S. journalists

Since its creation over a decade ago, TikTok has been known for videos that often consist of people lip syncing to popular songs or performing impromptu sketch comedy. However, in recent years the company has taken on a more political tint, openly backing liberal candidates and criticizing President Trump. This shift has resulted in increased scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers alike. To address these concerns, TikTok hired Oracle as an independent auditor to make sure its operations are legitimate and separate from China-based businesses. Additionally, the company launched “Project Texas” which seeks to show that it is committed to being transparent with government officials and the public about its operations within the U.S.

Out of these countries, the United Kingdom is the only one to have specifically banned TikTok on government devices. The other four countries have banned it on all kinds of devices, in response to how popular it has become among young people. This ban has caused some controversy, as many people argue that TikTok is a harmless app that doesn’t actually harm anyone. Nevertheless, all five countries have decided to ban it for safety reasons.

As TikTok introduces new policies around the use of AI in content and climate misinformation, it’s important for creators to disclose if their videos are using this technology. This information can help viewers make informed decisions about how to approach the video, and it can also be helpful in spotting fake or deceitful content.

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