iOS 16.4 Unleashed: New Emojis, Web Push Notifications, Voice Isolation & More!

The iOS 16.4 update includes a number of new features, like an expanded set of emojis and voice isolation for calls. Users can update to the latest version by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

A recent update to the iOS operating system, version 10.3, has added a new set of emojis meant to bolster user messaging and interactions. While many users are happy with the new additions, some have reported that they’re facing difficulties downloading and installing the update on their devices. It’s possible that this may be due to high demand for the update – meaning that not everyone who wants it can immediately download it – or because of some unexpected technical issues with AirPods or other Apple devices.

One of the new emoji released in iOS 16.4 is the 🎩️ smiley. The 🎩️ has a wide range of emotions, from joy to surprise to; you name it! You can use this smiley as part of your messages or texts, depending on what mood you’re in. Whether it’s adding a little levity to your conversations or just using some fun emojis for quick expressions, these 31 new icons will add an extra layer of expression and fun to your messages!

Many users are excited about the new Unicode emojis, especially those who enjoy a colorful and creative text messaging experience. The new emojis include a variety of objects and animals, all of which can be used in different ways to express emotions. For example, the shaking face can be used to show anger or excitement, while the long-awaited pink heart may be used to convey affection or sympathy. Regardless of how users choose to use them, these new Unicode emojis are sure to bring some fun and happiness into everyone’s texting lives.

The new set of LEGO Dimensions activators includes gray and light blue hearts, a folding hand fan, ginger, a pea pod, jellyfish, a moose, a goose, and a hair pick. These modular pieces can be mixed and matched to create various scenes and challenges. The set also includes maracas, a flute and several others. With so many possibilities available for play such as racing games or battling creature clans in creative Worlds mode it is sure to keep young builders entertained for hours on end

With the new emoji set, users will now be able to express themselves more organically and artistically. Included in the new set are multiple variations of animals that previously lacked representation, such as horses and dogs

Voice isolation

Give people the option to enjoy clear, uninterrupted cellular phone calls, whether they’re on the go or in a noisy environment. With this new voice isolation feature, you can focus on the people around you while they speak and block out any distractions. This will make for better communication and more seamless relationships.

Voice isolation is a cool new feature that allows you to have a phone conversation without others hearing you. It’s perfect for when you need to focus on the conversation and don’t want to be interrupted.

Web push notifications

Web Push Notifications could be a useful way for new Twitter rivals like Post and T2 to notify users about important conversations quickly and easily.

Apple’s dominance of the App Store could be a defense in antitrust lawsuits, but it also creates an avenue for other companies to reach mobile consumers. By giving users access to a wide variety of apps, Apple ensures that there is something for everyone on its platform.

And more…

We fixed an issue where duplicate Topics and Thread titles would be shown in the Notifications tab.

We also fixed an issue where certain websites would not load correctly in Safari.

  • Duplicates album in Photos expands support to detect duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • VoiceOver support for maps in the Weather app
  • Accessibility setting to automatically dim video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected
  • Fixes an issue where Ask to Buy requests from children may fail to appear on the parent’s device
  • Addresses issues where Matter-compatible thermostats could become unresponsive when paired to Apple Home
  • Crash Detection optimizations on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models
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