Roku Users Rejoice: The Ad-Supported Disney+ is Here!

Disney+ Basic is an ad-supported plan that offers a selection of live and on demand Disney+ TV shows, movies, and shows for $7.99 per month. The plan originally wasn’t available on Roku, but the company has now updated their website to include it. In order to take advantage of the ad-supported service, users must first sign up for a free trial of Disney+ before purchasing the plan.

Despite the disagreement, Disney remains adamant about its desire to continue working with Roku. In early February, however, talks between the two parties hit a stalemate and it is unclear when or if an agreement can be reached. While this dispute may seem petty on the surface – advertisements being one of the main sources of revenue for both platforms – it could ultimately have major implications for how subscribers access streaming content. If Roku is unable to monetize its channels adequately, then Disney will likely find new ways to distribute its content directly to users through the company’s own platform.

Disney+’s ad-supported plan was a major disappointment for many Roku users, as the service still lacks prominent ads and is significantly more expensive than Disney+ Premium. Thankfully, the service’s full commercial availability four months later has alleviated some of these concerns, though it remains unclear whether Disney will be able to compete with premium streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Disney+ Basic provides a basic streaming experience with Full HD, HDR10 and 4K Ultra HD support. It also allows subscribers to watch on up to four devices at the same time. Additionally, Disney+ has limited ads to an average of four minutes per hour. With its content catalog, Disney+ is a great option for budget-minded viewers.

Disney+ is designed for use with a mobile device, but does not include features that are available on competing streaming services. The Disney+ Basic plan does not allow for offline viewing or downloads, which may limit its appeal to some viewers.

According to Disney+, once users have updated the app to the latest version, they will be able to start streaming Disney+ Basic on Roku. This is an addition to the list of devices that support Disney+ including smartphones, tablets, consoles, and connected TVs.

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