Clay Smash: Revolutionary Startup Introduces Eco-Friendly Way of Drinking.

The startup GaeaStar is working on a sustainable way to create disposable cups and plates. Their solution is based on clay, water, salt and sand. The process of creating these cups and plates requires no plastic or paper, which can be a environmental benefit.

Based on its trials in Germany, GaeaStar is gearing up to introduce its disposable clay cups and bowls to the U.S. via a trial with Verve (the California coffee chain). These products are designed to reduce waste and help consumers feel more environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to coffee.

The disposable containers developed by GaeaStar may be new to the market, but the concept is not. Clay containers have been used for centuries to store food and drink. GaeaStar’s printer simply allows users to create customized clay containers at an affordable price. These containers can then be disposed of easily, making them a convenient choice for consumers.

GaeaStar is aiming to make it easy for artists and music lovers to find, share, and enjoy tunes together. With its Verve platform, the company hopes to help budding musicians connect with fans and bolster their creativity. The company’s upcoming collaborations with major U.S. labels will provide crucial financial support for its growth plans.

The growing awareness of the issue of single-use cups has prompted numerous campaigns to get people to reduce their consumption. These efforts have been relatively successful, with large corporations such as Starbucks announcing plans to switch over completely to reusable cups by 2020. This progress is encouraging, but it’s not enough. We need more people in this country to adopt a mindset of sustainability if we’re going to make significant changes and solve our environmental problems.

What if public transit and reusable canteens were as easy to adopt as cars? In fact, what if they were just as easy and convenient, but required a fraction of the work? Would that change how much we use them, or would people stick with the familiar convenience of cars? Either way, it’s an interesting thought experiment.

He believes that we are falling short when it comes to sustainability because we are always looking for alternatives that don’t actually change much about how we live. He disagrees with those who think that consuming single-use disposable cups is a way to mitigate the damage done, believing that this meeting people “where they are” is a distraction from solving the real issues.

There are many people who are against recycling because they think that it does not work. The reality is that recycling does not work very well and most plastic ends up going into the garbage anyway. A lot of companies, like Square, have decided to go with disposable cups instead of reusable ones so that their customers will be more likely to just throw them away without thinking about the consequences.

GaeaStar plans to use its new funds to conduct a life-cycle analysis of the environmental cost of its clay cups. This analysis will determine how much water and energy GaeaStar is using compared to paper or plastic incumbents. The results of this analysis could lead to the development of greener cup options that are less resource intensive.

Gaeastar founder and CEO Sanjeev Mankotia

GaeaStar, founded by Sanjeev Mankotia, is an upcoming blockchain-based ecosystem that will allow users to easily access and trade virtual goods and services. The platform combats issues such as inefficiencies and fraud while ensuring a

GaeaStar is looking to establish a micro-factory model that will enable it to source clay locally and do cup printing on demand. This model will give restaurants the ability to print cups on demand, reducing waste and improving efficiency. The startup is also aiming to create a tabletop printer for use at points of sale so customers can have their drink choices printed for them.

I loved the Verve cup that startup sent me because it was different from any other coffee cup I have used. It is made of clay, which makes it more environmentally friendly. I found that the thinness of the cup didn’t bother me and that it was more than capable of holding multiple coffees. Plus, the novelty of a disposable coffee cup made in America makes using it kind of fun.

GaiaStar is a young company that has been gaining traction in the tech community as they seek to innovate in the transportation industry. Their latest fundraise follows an earlier $1.7 million pre-seed round, and adds some notable names to their investor roster including At Inc., Sand Hill Angels, VSC and Climate Capital. These investors are looking forward to seeing what GaiaStar can do in terms of expanding their product offerings and growing their business scale.

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