Unlock Fun with Snapchat Lenses in Microsoft Teams Meetings

For those who don’t have Snapchat, or just don’t use it, Microsoft and Snap’s integration of the app into Teams is a great way to add some fun and excitement to virtual meetings. With the integration of Lenses on Snapchat, users can add filters and frames to their selfies or videos before posting them on the app. This makes for some creative and sometimes silly content that can lighten up a meeting – perfect for when feelings get tense!

With the new integration, Teams users can use Lenses to add fun and engaging digital effects to their videos during meetings. This allows for more fun and engaging conversations, which is great forTeam productivity.

With the addition of Snapchat Lenses to Microsoft Teams, customers will be able to express themselves in a more dynamic and entertaining way during video calls. This allows for increased productivity and communication between co-workers, which is sure to make meetings more enjoyable.

As Snap’s CameraKit SDK becomes more ubiquitous and partner-friendly, more and more developers are incorporating its AR technology into their own applications and websites. This integration is made possible by the SDK’s user-friendly interface, which allows developers to easily incorporate features like facial recognition and 3D mapping into their projects.

Microsoft’s latest integration with Camera Kit allows educators to embed Snap AR into Flip, its video learning platform. Ostensibly this will allow students to create 3D objects and experiences within videos for educational purposes, but there’s potential for far more. With Apple now dominating the augmented reality market with its products likeARKit and Animoji, Microsoft has realised the importance of catching up in order to compete. Through integrations like this one, it seems that they are well on their way!

With the shutdown of its desktop camera app and focus on expanding access to Camera Kit on the web, it seems that Snap is trying to shift more towards becoming a platform for creators rather than consumers. This shift could mean big things for the company in the future as more people start using its products to create content.

Snapchat seems to be continuing its partnership with new partners to integrate Camera Kit into popular platforms and apps, which means we’re likely to see more Snapchat Lenses in the near future. This could mean even more innovative uses for Snaps and powerful ways for users to share their stories with others.

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