NFL Sunday Ticket Subscriptions Now Available on YouTube at $249 and Up

As new technologies continue to develop, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern what is real and what is fake. This has created an environment in which people are more likely to believe stories that seem too good to be true. These types of stories can quickly spiral out of control, leading victims into harm’s way.

One such story that has taken social media by storm is the “pizza gate” conspiracy theory. The theory suggests that high-ranking members of the Democratic

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s to a great week ahead with lots of new ideas and opportunities. Let’s get ready to crush it

TechGround’s The TechGround Live Podcast is a condensed version of the weekly event minus the video. This podcast is great for anyone who wants to see what happened but doesn’t have time for video.

Christine and Haje were two sisters who were always close. Despite their difference in age, they bonded over a shared love of fashion and

The TechGround Top 3

  • The biggest ticket in streaming: If you’re a football fan, we know where you’ll be on Sunday night. YouTube started presales of its NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, which will set you back $249, Ivan writes.
  • It’s nice when an idea comes together: You use Venmo and your friend uses PayPal. In the past, we might have said you weren’t compatible, but not today. Paul reports that Visa has partnered with peer-to-peer payment offerings, including PayPal and Venmo, to make digital payments interoperable so no one has to change providers.
  • Crystal clear: Fintech startup Clear Street, a company building “modern infrastructure” for capital markets, snagged $270 million at a $2 billion valuation. This is the company’s second round of funding in a year, and before that it was bootstrapped by its co-founders. Mary Ann has more.

Startups and VC

Serge Rider’s DBeaver open source database admin tool has been a popular choice for small businesses and individuals ever since it was released in 2013. The popularity of the software spawned a company that supports the product, as well as a commercial product designed for users with more demanding requirements.

The Bountiful Company charged higher prices for Nature’s Bounty supplements on Amazon than it did online at its own store, falsely claiming that the products were more expensive because they were made in small batches. The FTC says that this type of “review hijacking” is illegal, as it tricks consumers into thinking that the products they are considering buying are better than they actually are.

There is something inherently intriguing about tall buildings. They are imposing, often seeming to reach for the sky, and they conjure up a sense of power and grandeur. Horizontal structures, on the other hand, can sometimes seem mundane and unstylish. They lack the wow factor, seemingly unable to take center stage in any urban landscape. But what if we viewed horizontal buildings in a new light? What if they were celebrated for their architectural prowess and aesthetics rather than overlooked or ignored? With creativity and experimentation comes new possibilities for design – after all

RevOps unleashed: 4 tips that help teams filter out the noise and focus on the big picture

Orange Ear Plugs with Curved String Reach to Ear on Blue Background Directly above View. 4 tips for RevOps teams to filter out the noise and focus on the big picture

For all of us who use social media, we are constantly exposed to different images and words that pressure us into thinking a certain way. Whether it is a photo of someone looking happy and content, or an advertisement that implies we need to buy a product to be

To manage a B2B SaaS sales operation, you need an intimate understanding of customer needs and the capabilities and features of the company’s offering. You also need to be able to identify opportunities and target prospective customers with deep knowledge of their needs. For head of revenue operations, this means being familiar with sales techniques as well as data tracking and forecasting tools.

As B2B SaaS becomes increasingly popular, experienced executives in this field are in high demand. Head of revenue operations is one such role, which requires strong knowledge about customer needs as well as marketing tactics

In order to give RevOps teams the time they need to tackle “the larger, meatier projects”, there are a few tactics that Rattle COO Apoorva Verma recommends. One tactic is to train sales reps on the use of RevOps tools so that they can be more effective when working on more pressing tasks. Another suggestion is to look for ways to automate business processes in order to save time and increase efficiency. Finally, Verma suggests codifying all of your business-critical processes in an easily accessible format so that everyone within your organization understands them and can carry out their duties without constraint.

The TG++ team is composed of professionals who have a wide range of experience in programming. They use their expertise to create programs that can be used by businesses and individuals

The TechGround+ membership provides early access to startup technology, events and resources. Members can access gigabytes of information, tools and support to help them succeed.

Big Tech Inc.

WhatsApp is continuing to grow in Brazil by enabling users to pay merchants through the app. This innovative feature allows users to have an end-to-end experience in the app, making shopping even easier. With this feature, customers no longer have to leave the WhatsApp app to complete their purchase, which saves time and money.

Given the number of channels now available through Google TV, those who have invested in the service are likely to be quite happy. The addition of Tubi, Plex and Haystack just highlights how much content is available for free through this platform, which makes it a great option for those who want to cut the cord.

Today is a good day, and I’m treated to six rewards! First, my mom give me a hug. Then my best friend texts to let me know she’s on her way over and to bring the game we were playing when we last spoke. Third, I find a dollar on the street! Fourth, I get a

  • It’s electric: Ford has plans to spend $1.3 billion to transform its Canada factory into an EV manufacturing hub, Kirsten reports.
  • Migration participation: Fitbit wants users to start logging in via Google accounts, Aisha reports.
  • Alibaba is my Copilot: Chinese tech giant Alibaba is integrating its largest language model, Tongyi Qianwen, across the firm’s businesses to improve user experience, which Rita writes is the company’s “latest effort in generative AI that in a way is reminiscent of Microsoft’s Copilot.”
  • Plenty of blame to go around: 3CX confirms that North Korea was behind a supply chain attack, reports Carly.
  • Avengers assemble: MCU’s female superhero trio, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Captain Rambeau, team up in “The Marvels” movie, Lauren writes.
  • Where are the factories?: Over 300 gigafactories will make tomorrow’s EVs. Two of our TG++ team, Tim and Miranda, mapped them all.
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