Power of Three: MCUs Female Superheroes Unite in The Marvels.

“The Marvels” is set to release November 10th and sees three badass female superheroes fighting crime. Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Captain Rambeau are back in this film and lead by Brie Larson. This movie is sure to be a hit with superhero fans everywhere!

What does the future hold for Kamala and the Marvels? It’s hard to say, but with events of “The Marvels” setting up a new storyline in Phase Five, it looks like there’s more exciting things to come for our favorite characters.

It seems that whenever one of the Marvels uses her abilities, someone switches places with them. This includes Kamala switching with S.A.B.E.R astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau, Danver’s estranged niece, and Nick Fury working with her in space. It’s possible that this is a way for the characters to avoid being tracked or even killed by their enemies since they can swap locations without anyone knowing about it!

With the threat of the Kree empire now looming, the three heroes must unite to stop them before it’s too late. The all-new Guardians of the Galaxy team up with Star-Lord and Gamora to take on Ronan and his forces, but this is only a temporary solution. They’ll need to find a way to stop Ronan forever if they want to keep their world from ending.

After being teased at the D23 Expo 2022, the footage from Marvel Studios’ “The Marvels” was first revealed during the Marvel panel at SDCC 2019. The movie will arrive on Disney+ later in the year, and is scheduled to release on November 6th.

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