Build Smarter with Amazon Bedrock: Generative AI for Cloud Applications

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We’re excited to kickoff Disrupt 2023 with a bang by having a stage dedicated to all things security. Whether you’re into hacking, security, or just like learning about new ways to protect yourself, this is the stage for you!

Christine was hosting Haje for the weekend, and she had planned everything out perfectly. The weather was perfect, the house was spotless,

The TechGround Top 3

  • Yabba dabba doo!: 🎶 Bedrock, meet the Bedrock, it’s part of the modern generative AI family. 🎶 From the town of Seattle comes Amazon’s entrance into the generative AI race with an offering called Bedrock, writes Kyle. Of course, Amazon has to be different, so instead of building AI models by itself, it has tapped third parties to host models on AWS.
  • Listen up: Sarah reports on a pair of new Spotify features: iPhone users can now get to the app faster through a new Lock Screen widget, and there is new tech for turning radio broadcasts into podcasts.
  • Inside the mind of a hacker: Our cybersecurity team does a lot of reporting on hacked systems, but Lorenzo got a firsthand verification from a hacker who was part of a group claiming vast access to Western Digital systems. The ending is spicy.

A snapshot of the world of AI

In 1926, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo created a painting of American pop icon Beyonce. The striking artwork features Beyonce as a surrealistic glittering figure with delicate features and flowing hair.

Artificial intelligence has always been a topic of interest and fear, with people not sure what to make of it. There are those who see the potential for good, and those who are very concerned about the possible dangers. It is a paradoxical force that can illuminate the abyss of human consciousness while daring to challenge the very fabric of life’s essence. While there are many questions still to be answered about AI, its futuristic potential is undeniable. Humanity must continue to explore its capabilities and limitations in order to ensure that this amazing technology benefits everyone instead of harming them.

Like Herzog, we at TechGround believe that AI is a tool for more than just entertainment and business. We see it as a way to help us transform the world, just as Herzog has done with film. We’re excited about the possibilities of artificial intelligence, and we’re doing everything we can to usher in its arrival into mainstream use.

Startups and VC

Comixology’s platform has allowed a new generation of readers to dive into the medium, and its store proves to be a reliable resource for both comic fans and publishers alike. With the advent of self-publishing through Comixology, creators have more options than ever before when it comes to reaching an audience.

Everywhere Rebecca looked, she saw structures that hadn’t been there before. Massive constructions of metal and crystal, towers reaching skyward and bridges connecting faraway points

13 VCs talk about the state of robotics investing in 2023

Some homes have sensors that can detect when a Saints game is happening and turn on lights and decorations to show their pride.

With automated vehicles on the horizon, it is natural for investors to explore potential investment opportunities in the robotics space. Nearly a dozen VCs responded to our latest TG++ robotics investor survey, confirming that this is one of the hottest areas of investment currently. With so many innovative companies working on new technologies, there is sure to be a great deal of success forthcoming for those who get involved early.

With increasing popularity for robotics as a service, it is interesting to consider how this might be used in addressing climate change. As automation becomes increasingly integral to various industries, it may provide an opportunity to reduce dependency on human labor and help mitigate environmental damage.

  • Milo Werner, general partner, The Engine
  • Abe Murray, managing partner, Alley Robotics Ventures
  • Kelly Chen, partner, DCVC
  • Neel Mehta, venture investor, G2 Ventures
  • Oliver Keown, managing director, Intuitive Ventures
  • Rohit Sharma, partner, True Ventures
  • Helen Greiner, advisor, Cybernetix Ventures
  • Kira Noodleman, partner, Bee Ventures
  • Dayna Grayson, co-founder and general partner, Construct Capital
  • Paul Willard, partner, Grep
  • Cyril Ebersweiler, general partner, SOSV
  • Claire Delaunay, private investor
  • Peter Barrett, co-founder and general partner, Playground Global

One of the benefits to using TG++ is that you can easily create high-quality, open-source software using standard programming techniques. With the creator of TG++

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Big Tech Inc.

Shortly after announcing its partnership with eToro, Twitter announced that it is partnering with investment platform, Dryden to provide real-time stock and cryptocurrency information. This addition to Twitter’s arsenal of tools will make it easier for users to track the performance of their favorite stocks and cryptocurrencies.

It is no secret that the world is in a time of change and flux. We are constantly moving forward, evolving as a species, and adapting to new challenges.

  • Speaking of Twitter: Taylor writes about more newsrooms bailing on Twitter as Elon Musk meddles with account labels.
  • I have the need, the need for speed: Google’s Chrome just got a lot faster on both Mac and Android, reports Sarah.
  • The Saga is only beginning: Jacquelyn got to test out Solana’s web3-focused Saga phone, writing, “The process itself was easy — and admittedly, fun — but using the phone was not the smoothest experience. The phone was sometimes slow, and I had to close and reopen dApps multiple times because the crypto wallet and NFT minting platform kept freezing.” Don’t worry, she also writes that Solana is working on it.
  • The moon is made of cheese, er, water: Three brothers, and former SpaceXers, quit that gig to start their own company to build spacecraft powered by moon water. Aria has more.
  • It keeps going and going, hopefully: In a move toward better environmental stewardship, Apple says new batteries will use 100% recycled cobalt by 2025, reports Brian.
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