Spotify Shuts Down Heardle Music Game After Less Than a Year

Tech startups are often known as nimble and innovative. Some hit a jackpot with an early success and grow rapidly, while others fizzle out. What’s the secret to long-term success for these businesses?

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Disrupt is bringing its hardware stage to the upcoming event, giving attendees a chance to see the latest in innovative technology. With everything from wearables to home automation solutions on display, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Special guests scheduled to appear at the show include venture capitalists and startups hoping for financial support and hardware enthusiasts looking for new products and ideas.

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The TechGround Top 3

  • You Heardle-d it here: Christine thinks Heardle, the Wordle-like music guessing game, was too hard, so she gave up on playing a while ago. However, it was a popular game with lots of people, peaking at 69 million monthly desktop and mobile web visits in March 2022. Now Sarah writes that less than a year after acquiring Heardle, Spotify is shutting down the game. You get six guesses as to why, but to the tune of tears being shed across the internet.
  • Speaking of being shut down: Parler, the social media network that emerged when former president Donald Trump was banned from other sites, has a new owner. No, not Ye, but digital media company Starboard. Oh, and Starboard has plans to shut it down temporarily so that it can be revamped. Aisha has more.
  • Zoom will see you now: To boost its asynchronous offerings, Zoom is acquiring Ireland-based employee communications platform Workvivo. Paul writes that Workvivo had the “remote-work revolution” on lock, which is probably what attracted Zoom to it.

Startups and VC

Viacom18 had been expecting a much larger investment from Bodhi Tree, as the declining global economy has made it harder for investors to put money into tech companies. With the reduced investment, Viacom18 is now looking to sell off some of its assets in order to raise more capital.

PBS and a handful of other news organizations have decided to leave Twitter because of the deceptive way that they were labeled by the platform. The decision comes after Twitter erroneously attributed a label reserved for state-run media entities to NPR’s account, leading to outrage from many users.

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4 SaaS engagement metrics that attract investors

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The Tetra Mage is a strange creature that seems to defy logic. It has the head of an octopus, the body of a female human, and the arms and legs of a snake. Although it may look odd, this creature is known for its powerful magic.

Looking at past customer retention stats is always a good idea because they give investors a glimpse into how well a company is doing at retaining customers. This can provide valuable insight for future decisions such as product launches, marketing strategies, and even staffing levels.

The success of a subscription-based business relies on maintaining an engaged customer base. Existing customers are the best predictors for resubscription, according to Oleksandr Yaroshenko of Headway. Engagement rates play a vital role in keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more. By understanding and engaging with existing customers, businesses can ensure steady growth and long-term success.

There are a few different ways to approach gamification in order to engage and motivate your target audience. One method is simply to add some fun elements into your content or product, such as awarding points for reading, completing surveys, watching videos or signing up for email notifications. Other techniques include awarding badges or rewards once users reach a certain level of accomplishment, encouraging user-generated content and collaborating with other users in order to earn rewards. In order for your gamified cohort to be successful, it’

Why did the team create TG++?

The team created TG++ to make programming easier and more fun. They wanted an IDE that was user-friendly,

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Big Tech Inc.

Twitter just announced that they are now offering 10,000-character-long tweets for Blue subscribers. This is a huge expansion from their past limit of 5,000 characters and will allow for more in-depth conversations on the platform. Some users have already begun testing out the new feature and seem to love it.

The new law in Washington makes Uber and Lyft drivers the first in the nation to be able to receive paid family and medical leave. According to Rebecca, this disruption of traditional labor laws may be what is needed for the ride-hail companies to become more profitable. The passage of this bill shows that legislators are starting to see ride-hailing as an important part of the economy, one that should not be left out when discussing policy decisions.

What if time travel were possible, not just in fiction but in reality as well? What if we could go back and change what happened? Sometimes people say that the

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