AMC+ Bringing Ad-Supported Tier to Streaming Platform in 2021

AMC plans to create an ad-supported version of its streaming service in order to compete with media companies like Netflix and Amazon. This will likely appeal to budget-minded consumers who want the convenience of ad-watching without having to pay extra for the service.

Ads will play a much larger role in American media in the coming years, with major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter moving further into the market. Walmart is one of the first major brands to jump on board, with plans to offer ads within its e-commerce platform. The new program is designed to give advertisers more control over their ads and how they are displayed, as well as the ability to target specific audiences. The exact launch date for the ads plan has yet to be announced, but fans can expect it during Walmart’s 2023-24 upfront presentation

One of the more popular streaming services on the market right now is AMC+. It offers a variety of content, including shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men, bundled together with other niche streams such as Acorn TV and Shudder. This service costs $8.99 per month and is quite popular for its wide range of content.

AMC Networks has announced their new content distribution platform, AMC+, which allows for partners to buy shows, genres and franchises in a more comprehensive and impactful way. This new platform allows for targeting of audiences no matter what they are watching or where they are. With this new platform, partners can move beyond individual shows and even series and choose to “own” whole genres and franchises.

AMC+ is becoming more like other streaming services in that it will offer ad-supported tiers. This move is likely a way for AMC to compete with Disney+ and Netflix, who have already started to offer cheaper ad-supported tiers.

Since AMC Networks only produces shows for traditional cable networks like AMC, the streaming business had trouble making up for the financial losses from those channels. In November 2022, Dolan acknowledged that their streaming service wasn’t generating enough revenue to make up for the loss of revenue from traditional television.

Despite their earlier belief that cord-cutting losses would be offset by streaming gains, HBO Now’s management has now come to the realization that this has not been the case. In a memo to staff, HBO Now President Casey Bloys outlined the reasoning behind this reversal and stated that they “will need new ways to make money.” This shift could mean more expensive monthly subscriptions for cord-cutters, or increased advertising revenue for HBO. Whether or not this change in strategy will be successful remains to be seen, but it is an intriguing development

The memo released by AMC Networks announced layoffs that would affect 20 percent of staff. Christina Spade, the CEO of AMC Networks, stepped down after less than three months in the role. This led to worries among employees who were uncertain about their future at the company.

AMC Networks is hoping that a new ad-supported tier will help bring in more AMC+ subscribers. With such a large base of loyal, paying streaming subscribers, the new ad-supported tier could be key in enticing more people to give the service a try.

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