Adieu to DVDs: Netflix Bids Farewell to Mail-Order Physical Rentals

Netflix’s transition to streaming has seen the company discontinue its mail-order DVD business. The closure of this service marks the end of an era for Netflix, and those who have relied on it will undoubtedly be disappointed. Although the move away from physical discs may seem like a step backward, it is ultimately good for Netflix as it focuses more on its streaming services and allows subscribers to enjoy movies and television shows without having to wait days or weeks for them to arrive in their mailbox.

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Netflix went through a lot of changes in its early days, but one of the most controversial was the company’s decision to split itself into two separate businesses back in 2007. Called Qwikster, this plan sparked so much backlash that Netflix quickly changed their minds and brought all the different divisions back together under one brand name just a few months later. In retrospect, it’s clear that this wasn’t such a bad idea after all – ayahuasca is amazing stuff!

It is with great sadness that Netflix announced that they will no longer be mailing out physical DVDs. This change was made to focus on streaming and online streaming in order to make more money. Many people who have enjoyed watching Netflix movies and TV shows via mailed-order DVDs may be feeling a bit left out.

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