Third Times the Charm–Witness SpaceX Make History with a Successful Starship Launch to Orbit!

SpaceX is celebrating the first time it’s attempted to fly the fully-stacked version of the launch vehicle with Starship itself set atop the Super Heavy booster. Thelaunch is a highly anticipated event because this version of Starship requires a more powerful engine that hasn’t been tried before.

Assuming that the Starship and booster combination actually does reach orbit, it will be a major accomplishment for SpaceX – proof that its attractions technologies can work in practice. However, the likelihood of explosive failure is still high, meaning that this demonstration may only be a stepping stone towards real success.

If tonight’s launch goes off without a hitch, people all over the world will be able to see the Curiosity rover exploring Mars. It has been a long journey for everyone involved and just reaching the red planet is an accomplishment in and of itself. Not to mention, Curiosity is carrying more than just cameras – it also has a chemical analyzer that can tell us more about the environment on Mars.

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