Twitter Stops Labeling Government-Funded News Sources Following Error Reports

This sudden change by Twitter is likely in response to criticism the social media platform has faced in recent months over its transparency policy. Blue mirrors, which are used to track thesrcitutions ils use, have been criticized as a way for big businesses and Governments to manipulate public opinion. Now that Twitter has removed labels referring to all government-funded media outlets as being “biased,” it may be hoping that this will win back some of the trust of its user base.

Twitter’s decision to label NPR as “government-funded media” has left the organization feeling frustrated and uncertain about how its content will be viewed by the social media site’s user base. CEO Jarl Mohn stated that he has lost faith in Twitter’s ability to make sound editorial decisions, and decided to end his company’s participation in the platform. Although this labeling issue may have started off small, it has ended up damaging relations with one of Twitter’s most influential partners.

Adding “government-funded” labels to media outlets like the CBC, Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC Australia), Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), New Zealand’s public broadcaster RNZ, Sweden’s SR Ekot and SVT seems to be a way for Twitter to try and consolidate its power in the industry. The move has caused controversy, as some feel it will limit information available to the public.

As the CBC continues to struggle with Twitter’s “government-funded media” label, it has decided to follow NPR’s lead and leave the platform entirely. Twitter is known for its out-of-nowhere algorithm changes, frequent suspensions of accounts, and its dislike of critical commentary. In light of these negative experiences, it seems that Twitter is not the best place for a national news organization to continue communicating with its followers.

It is no coincidence that legacy blue checks, the government-funded media’s go-to label for identifying reputable sources, have disappeared. The credibility of these labels has been called into question by recent events, and it seems that the only thing left to support them is waning public trust.

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