Greywings SeaGPT: Helping Maritime Crews Conquer Email Overload

SeaGPT is a chatbot that can be used by maritime crew managers to streamline the immigration and COVID requirements process when a crew member changes. By using conversational dialogue, SeaGPT can easily handle multiple requests from different ports and time zones, making it an efficient way to manage crew immigration.

Greywing CEO Nick Clarke said email overwhelm is the top problem crew managers ask them to fix. SeaGPT is latest of the startup’s tools for automating crew changes. The current version (Greywing plans to continue developing it and adding new use cases) simplifies the process by automating parts of the communication process, like drafting emails with important questions and extracting the most essential information from port agency replies for specific crew members. With SeaGPT, both managers and crews can focus on more important tasks, freeing up time for communication that matters most.

Greywing Technologies is an innovative, digital technology company that created the first seafaring generative chatbot, SeaGPT. SeaGPT is not a plug-and-play generative AI chatbot; it was made possible by advancements in GPT4 and a maritime-specific approach to programming. Greywing’s goal is to help sailors with navigation and communication tasks while at sea, making their trips safer and more informative.

Overall, email overload has negative effects on how a crew manager can handle multiple vessels and gather the necessary information for decisions. This lack of efficiency can lead to human error and decreased response time when working with other maritime organizations.

In theory, SeaGPT could have coordinated the departure of Greywing’s crew in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to send an email chain. With its powerful search capabilities, SeaGPT could quickly identify the port nearest to where their injured master needed to be evacuated and make sure all necessary arrangements were made. This would not only save hours but also stress out fewer people which would result in a more efficient organization.

SeaGPT can streamline the process of crew changes, both within an enterprise and internationally. By integrating with Slackbot and the mobile app, SeaGPT provides a frictionless way for crew managers to ask questions and receive updates on pending changes. With plans to add integrations to WhatsApp and Teams, SeaGPT has become even more user-friendly. Crew managers can now keep up with all their changes in one place, whether they’re in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world!

SeaGPT is a valuable resource for helping crew manage their ports of call. By combing through information including port type, nationality of people involved, and any relevant immigration or port state restrictions, SeaGPT can create customized emails intended to assist crew members during their stay. These helpful emails can save crews time and hassle while on board ship.

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With SeaGPT, crew managers can easily get an overview of the costs and benefits associated with hiring a new member to their crew. This information can be helpful in making a decision about whether or not to initiate the process of hiring someone new. By translating emails into different languages, SeaGPT makes it easy for managers to understand all of the information contained within them. This helps ensure that all relevant data is taken into account before any decisions are made.

Greywing is hoping that SeaGPT can be a valuable tool for communication between port agents, seafarers and masters, simplifying the exchange of relevant information into a structured format. This could be especially helpful for reducing confusion and promoting efficient and effective operations.

SeaGPT will become an automated assistant to the crewing team, retrieving relevant data and handling all communications that don’t need direct involvement. This will provide automated decision support for each crew manager, making it easier for them to make well-informed decisions.

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