Tesla Expands Cross-Country Charging Access in China

Tesla Motors Inc.’s Model S sedan has been a top choice for those looking for an electric vehicle due to its range, performance, and luxury. However, some drivers in China have found that the country’s Supercharger network is inadequate for their needs. Tesla has now announced that certain non-Tesla vehicles will be able to charge at select Superchargers in China, as well as at certain destination charging points. This expansion will make it easier for drivers of these vehicles to use the Supercharger network when they’re travelling across the country.

The Tesla Supercharging stations will allow drivers of non-Tesla electric vehicles to recharge their batteries more quickly and easily, making long trips more comfortable and convenient.

Tesla’s recent efforts to increase access to its Supercharging network are likely in response to concerns over the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. With 45,000 Superchargers globally, Tesla is well-positioned to provide added convenience and support for drivers interested in switching to EVs.

Some people had been concerned that the proprietary connector on Tesla’s Supercharger network would make it difficult for people to use the chargers, but the company has come up with a solution called the Magic Dock. This makes it easier for non-Tesla vehicles to access and use the chargers, which makes it more convenient for drivers.

Tesla operates more than 1,600 Supercharging stations in China as well as over 700 destination charging points. This has created a massively scalable infrastructure that is perfect for the booming electric vehicle market in China. In addition to being able to charge your car quickly and easily, this network also provides an easy way for people to explore the benefits of electric vehicles.

Tesla’s chargers will be available in mainland China beginning in early 2019. Many luxury and mainstream automakers are partners of Tesla, so owners of their vehicles will be able to use the chargers without issue. This is great news for drivers in mainland China, as it means they can now access charging infrastructure that is consistent with their vehicle brands.

Tesla drivers will have to download the Tesla app, create an account, and select “Charge non-Tesla vehicles” in order to find and use the nearest station.

Tesla has set its sights on the China electric vehicle market and is making progress in gaining a foothold. This market is already large and growing rapidly, so it will be interesting to see how Tesla expands its pilot program to other models and stations in the future.

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