The Marketing War: Who Will Claim Victory?

Postscript is up against Attentive in the mobile messaging market, and the two rivals have taken to Twitter to publicize their battle. Attentive sent Postscript a cease-and-desist letter, which sparked a response from Postscript. The two companies are battling it out on Twitter, with each trying to convince its followers that it is the better service.

Attentive’s letter puts into perspective just how high the demand for quality content can be, and highlights the importance of having a strategy in place to ensure that you’re always meeting customer needs. That being said, it’s important to also have a thick skin when it comes to disagreements with clients – as BUBS Naturals found out the hard way – because there will always be someone who is unhappy no matter what you do.

Postscript appealed the demand, but to no avail. So, in the interests of transparency and accuracy, they have decided to remove all false, misleading and deceptive claims from their website in order to be completely honest with their readers.

Despite their ongoing legal battle, Postscript and Attentive continue to cooperate on ventures outside of the courtroom. The two companies have developed a jointly-held patent for a two-tap mobile technology that revolutionized brands’ ability to add customers to their SMS lists in a compliant way.

Attentive’s cease-and-desist letter cited a timeline in Postscript’s marketing that says that former customer BUBS Naturals was a customer of Attentive for three years when Attentive says BUBs was a customer for roughly half as long. Both companies have staunchly defended their claims, with both claiming the other has misinterpreted data. The dispute has given rise to many humorous memes on social media, but it also threatens to taint one of the more promising startups in Silicon Valley.

In response to Attentive’s letter, Postscript’s co-founder Alex Beller published an exasperated-sounding tweet, sayingPostscript has heard before from Attentive and calling the company a “bully.” He also published a “response in full” that attempted to strike a more measured tone. In it, he admits that Postscript has hurt their feelings in the past, but calls for a more civil dialogue between the two companies.

The Attentive customer care team is known for their shrewd negotiation skills, and they have been known to issue Cease and Desist letters to companies caught copying their work. This doesn’t seem like the first time they’ve sent a C&D, as it looks like they’ve been gotten into quite the bit of

One day, I was walking to school when I saw a group of kids picking on another kid. I could tell that the other kid was outnumbered and wouldn’t be able to fight back, so I decided to intervene

Twitter users were quick to react to President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel, with many expressing their disdain for the idea. One user, however, had an interesting perspective that deserves attention.

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The rise of voice-activated technology has made it easier than ever for people to access their various devices and services. Many companies have adapted by making it more convenient for customers to contact them through voice commands and AI

Postscript’s response paints the company in a negative light, accusing it of trying to distract from its own negative actions. While it does take Attentive’s accusations seriously, Postscript argues that their legal claims are weaker due to their recent underperformance in the market. The company has framed its act of preventing customers from switching providers as a way to shoring up its own position, but this may not be entirely truthful.

Rumors abound about the nefarious deeds of Attentive, a high-tech company with a shady reputation. Some say that it is guilty of espionage or dishonesty; others claim that it is vilified simply because it is successful. If this company cannot protect itself from defamation or slander, its business likely will be clipped.

PostScript’s aggressive tactics seem to be working, with one Attentive customer considering changing vendors. While the ROI on this thread is still unknown, PostScript’s efforts may be paying off.

Attentive Inc. is a software company that focuses on improving the customer experience. Recently, its flagship product, Postscript, had an impact on their win rate against competitor Attentive. Postscript’s double win rate against Attentive shows just how effective its product can be when it comes to satisfying customers.

TJ Ferrera, co-founder of BUBS Naturals, says that he’s been pleasantly surprised by the response to his switch from a subscription-based model to an ad-supported model. He predicts that the switch will bring in more subscribers than he anticipated, but is glad that it wasn’t a massive change for him.

Attentive is a digital asset manager that has been growing at a rapid pace since it was founded in 2014. The company manages more than $1 billion worth of assets and has over 1,400 employees. One of the largest obstacles to Attentive’s growth is competitor Fidelity Investments, which is one of the largest asset managers in the world and possesses a large amount of data on its clients. Fidelity has repeatedly threatened to release this data if Attentive doesn’t pay them money. This situation presents several problems for both companies: small players don’t know how to play this game, while large players like Fidelity are preventing smaller competitors from grow

Attentive’s policies with its customers make clear that it is more than willing to provide custom data when requested. Furthermore, the company has a track record of being able to answer customer requests for this data within an hour. In conclusion, it can be said that Attentive takes customer privacy seriously and protects its data in a reliable manner.

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