Converge: OpenAI’s Second Startup Cohort Takes Flight

Palace intrigue might be dominating the news cycle around OpenAI, but the AI startup — and its accelerator programs — are chugging along uninterrupted, so the PR team tells me. OpenAI today announced the launch of Converge-2, the second cohort of its six-week Converge program for “exceptional engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders using AI to reimagine the world,” as the company describes it in a blog post published this morning. As with members of OpenAI’s first Converge cohort, the 10-15 startups chosen to participate in Converge-2 will receive a $1 million equity investment from the OpenAI Startup Fund, the $100 million-plus entrepreneurial tranche announced last May backed by Microsoft and other OpenAI partners. Do the math, and that’s at least a $10 million investment in the Converge-2 program — not an insubstantial chunk of change. OpenAI is encouraging founders from all backgrounds, disciplines and experience levels to apply, including those based outside of the U.S.

Amidst all the rumors and speculations about OpenAI, the AI startup and its accelerator programs are still going strong, according to the PR team.

Today, OpenAI unveiled their second cohort for the Converge program, a six-week program for talented individuals using AI to revolutionize the world. As stated in their blog post, OpenAI is looking for “exceptional engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders” to be a part of this cohort.

Similar to the first Converge group, the chosen 10-15 startups will receive a $1 million equity investment from the OpenAI Startup Fund, a $100 million fund formed in partnership with Microsoft and other companies last year. That’s a minimum of $10 million invested in this program – a significant amount by any standards.

Besides the financial backing, Converge-2 participants will also have access to tech talks, office hours, social events, and opportunities to interact with “leading practitioners” and OpenAI’s “community of builders.” It’s worth noting that participants are not obligated to use OpenAI’s APIs, although it’s expected that the network effects will make the company’s technologies highly desirable.

OpenAI is actively encouraging founders from all backgrounds, fields, and experience levels to apply. Applicants from outside the U.S. are welcome as well. Previous experience in working with AI systems is not a requirement, but selected startups must commit four to six hours per week to the program from March 11th to April 19th, with the first and last week being held in San Francisco (travel expenses will be covered by OpenAI).

The deadline for applications is January 26th. Apply now and be a part of the Converge-2 cohort, powered by OpenAI.

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