Next week marks the launch of OpenAI’s GPT App Marketplace

OpenAI plans to launch a store for GPTs, custom apps based on its text-generating AI models (e.g. In an email viewed by TechCrunch, OpenAI said that developers building GPTs will have to review the company’s updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to ensure that their GPTs are compliant before they’re eligible for listing in the store — aptly called the GPT Store. GPTs don’t require coding experience and can be as simple or complex as a developer wishes. GPT Store launching next week – OpenAI — Manish Singh (@refsrc) January 4, 2024Developers can simply type the capabilities they want their GPT to offer in plain language and OpenAI’s GPT-building tool, GPT Builder, will attempt to make an AI-powered chatbot to perform those. Since shortly after DevDay, developers have been able to make and share GPTs with others via the ChatGPT website directly but not publicly list them.

OpenAI is getting ready to launch an exciting new venture: a store for GPTs, or custom apps created with their advanced text-generating AI models (such as the highly anticipated GPT-4). This revolutionary store, cleverly named the GPT Store, will be available to the public in the upcoming week.

In an email obtained by TechCrunch, the OpenAI team revealed that developers designing GPTs must first review and adhere to the company’s latest policies and brand guidelines in order to ensure compliance. This is a requirement before their GPTs can be listed and featured in the GPT Store. Additionally, developers will need to verify their user profile and make sure that their GPTs are set to “public.”

The concept of the GPT Store was first introduced at OpenAI’s annual developer conference, DevDay, which took place last year. However, due to a leadership shakeup in November, the launch was postponed until this year. It’s widely believed that this delay was a result of CEO Sam Altman’s forced departure by the company’s board of directors, followed by his reinstatement with a new board in place after a wave of panic from investors and employees.

GPTs are incredibly versatile, requiring no coding experience to create and can be tailored to be as simple or complex as a developer desires. For instance, a GPT can be instructed to learn and store information from a collection of recipes so that it can accurately answer questions about specific ingredients. On the other hand, a GPT could also be taught a company’s unique codebases, allowing developers to check for style consistency or generate code based on industry best practices.

GPT Store launching next week – OpenAI — Manish Singh (@refsrc) January 4, 2024

Developers using OpenAI’s GPT Builder tool can easily input the capabilities they wish for their GPT to possess in plain language. The tool will then utilize AI technology to create a powerful chatbot that can perform those specific tasks. Since shortly after DevDay, developers have been able to create and share their GPTs with others through the ChatGPT website. However, the ability to publicly list and showcase GPTs will only be available with the launch of the GPT Store.

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