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In September 2023, Amazon announced to developers that it would be launching new tools to build LLM-powered experiences. Today, the company revealed three developers delivering new generative AI-powered Alexa experiences, including AI chatbot platform Character.AI, AI music company Splash and Voice AI game developer Volley. All three experiences are available in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store. Volley introduced its generative AI-powered “20 Questions” game, giving Alexa users a modern version of the well-known game. The game uses generative AI to interact with users by asking them questions, providing hints and explaining “yes or no questions” if the human opponent gets stuck.

This year’s CES conference has been buzzing with exciting new announcements from tech companies. One major theme that has emerged is the incorporation of generative AI into a multitude of products and services. From Volkswagen to Nvidia and of course, Amazon, it seems like every company is jumping on the AI bandwagon.

In September of 2023, Amazon revealed to developers that they would be launching new tools utilizing LLM technology, giving rise to a plethora of AI-powered experiences. Today, the company has unveiled three developers who have created unique and innovative generative AI-powered Alexa experiences. These experiences are now available for download in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

3 Developers Delivering Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Alexa Experiences:

  1. Character.AI – this AI chatbot platform allows for real-time conversations with various personas, including fictional characters like Librarian Linda, personal trainers, and even simulated versions of famous individuals such as Elon Musk, Socrates, and William Shakespeare. You can even embark on a role-playing adventure game, helping iconic video game character Mario find Princess Peach.

  2. Splash – this AI music company has launched a new, free Alexa Skill that allows users to create personalized songs using only their voice. Simply say, “Alexa, open Splash,” choose a musical genre, add lyrics, and sing or rap along. Users can also download their custom songs by requesting a link to their mobile phones.

  3. Volley – this Voice AI game developer has introduced their generative AI-powered version of the classic “20 Questions” game for Alexa users. Using advanced AI technology, it interacts with players by asking questions, giving hints, and providing “yes or no” explanations when one gets stuck.

Amazon has been continually upgrading Alexa with new AI features, including a generative AI model to give the virtual assistant a more distinct personality. This technology even allows Alexa to adjust its tone and response to express emotions like excitement or surprise, making the experience feel more human-like. Additionally, Amazon has launched “Explore with Alexa,” a kid-focused feature on Echo devices that allows Amazon Kids+ subscribers to engage in fun conversations, learn facts, and answer trivia questions.

Aside from these exciting AI advancements, Amazon also made other notable announcements at CES. These include their partnership with Panasonic to bring Fire TV to their new smart TVs in 2024, Matter Casting support for Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices, the latest update for their self-driving car, Zoox, and much more.

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