A Gap in Perspective: AI in 2021 vs. the Rest of the Startup Market in 2024

It’s 2021 for AI while the rest of the startup market is stuck in 2024Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello, and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Monday show, in which we take a look back at the weekend and the week ahead. This time ’round, there was so much in the news that we had to greatly compress everything we wanted to talk about. Here’s the rundown:Like I said, it’s a busy start to the week!

Welcome to 2021, where the world of AI is making significant strides while the rest of the startup market seems to be lagging behind in 2024.

Tune in to our podcast, Equity, as we delve into the business of startups, breaking down the numbers and nuances behind the latest headlines.

“This is our Monday show, where we reflect on the past weekend and anticipate the week ahead.”

Join us as we dive into the whirlwind of news from the past few days, with plenty of topics to cover in a condensed format.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • Insights on the advancements and impact of AI in 2021
  • A comparison with the sluggish pace of developments in the rest of the startup world
  • Discussion on the latest happenings in the industry
  • A quick rundown of news highlights from the weekend

It’s going to be a busy start to the week, but we’re excited to break it all down for you. So stay tuned for the next episode of Equity!

Thank you for listening. We’ll catch you soon!

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