Worldcoin Unveils New Orb Design for Enhanced User Experience

Worldcoin to launch new Orb to make its eyeball scanning device look “more friendly” The next iteration will look similar to an “Apple product,” CEO saysIt’s been a little over 180 days since Worldcoin publicly launched – and its futuristic looking Orb device is getting an upgrade, Alex Blania, CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity, shared exclusively with TechCrunch. “The new orb is coming” and the “next iterations will look quite different,” Blania said during a fireside chat at a StrictlyVC event on Wednesday. The next Orb will roll out the first half of this year and will have alternative colors and “form factors,” in an effort to look “much more friendly,” Blania shared. Tools for Humanity is the company that created Worldcoin, the crypto project co-founded by Blania, Sam Altman and Max Novendstern. Its flagship device is a five-pound chromatic bowling ball-sized device that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Worldcoin is getting ready to launch a new version of its Orb device, designed to make the futuristic eyeball scanning technology appear more approachable. According to CEO and co-founder Alex Blania, the upcoming Orb will resemble an “Apple product” in terms of its design.

During a fireside chat at a StrictlyVC event, Blania revealed that the new Orb will have alternative colors and form factors, aiming for a more friendly and toned down appearance. He also mentioned that the original design was in place before he joined the company four years ago.

Tools for Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, has raised $250 million from investors such as a16z and Bain Capital Crypto. The Orb device, which scans irises and assigns a “World ID,” has gained attention for its unique design and purpose of creating a digital passport for users.

Blania commented that many people in the U.S. are “obsessed” with the Orb’s appearance and that opinions are divided between loving or hating it. Despite any skepticism, at the StrictlyVC event, several attendees scanned their irises to get a World ID and there have been field tests for the new Orb.

The project’s beta testing has focused on adoption in cities like Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Lisbon, and Bangalore. However, it has also faced criticism for potentially targeting developing economies. Last year, Worldcoin went on a world tour to expand its reach and currently has over 3 million total users.

“The thesis is very simple. We race toward billions of users as fast as we possibly can,” Blania said.

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