“Hypercal: The Newest Addition to ClickUp’s Productivity Platform”

Tiger Global and a16z-backed productivity company ClickUp has acquired the calendar app Hypercal to boost its platform offering, TechCrunch has learned. As part of the acquisition, the app’s founder Ricardo Clerigo is also joining ClickUp as Head of Calendar. Hypercal also had a paid tier costing $10 per month for unlimited calendar and task integrations. We’ve already eliminated the need for many apps by building docs, whiteboards, dashboards, tasks, and AI natively into our platform. The calendar apps space has been busy in the last few months.

In a move to enhance its platform offerings, ClickUp, the productivity company backed by Tiger Global and a16z, has acquired Hypercal, a calendar app. According to TechCrunch, the app’s founder, Ricardo Clerigo, will also be joining ClickUp as Head of Calendar as part of the acquisition.

Originally founded in 2022, Hypercal was a Mac app known for its integration with various other apps such as Notion, OneNote, Apple Notes, Google Docs, Todolist, Apple Reminders, Asana, Things app, Microsoft To-Do, and Slack.

The app’s free version allowed users to connect with one calendar and task app, while its paid tier, priced at $10 per month, offered unlimited calendar and task integrations.

ClickUp aims to provide a comprehensive platform for companies to collaborate, communicate, document, manage projects, monitor timelines, and gather insights through analytical dashboards.

Zeb Evans, the CEO and Founder of ClickUp, confirmed the acquisition to TechCrunch, stating that Hypercal’s integration will bring in new AI-powered features to the company’s productivity suite. “ClickUp’s ultimate goal has always been to create a single app to replace all others. We have already eliminated the need for many apps by incorporating native features such as docs, whiteboards, dashboards, tasks, and AI into our platform. With Hypercal’s acquisition, we plan to connect Calendar with productivity by evolving its core feature.”

Evans further emphasized the importance of scheduling and how it impacts individual productivity. Through Hypercal’s integration, ClickUp aims to provide context to users for every meeting by pulling from tasks, documents, and projects.

Last year, in July, ClickUp made the decision to lay off approximately 10% of its staff (around 90 employees) as part of its restructuring to become more efficient and prepare for a potential IPO. This was the second round of layoffs for the startup, following the cut of 7% of its workforce in 2022. At the time, Evans stated that it was a one-time decision to achieve profitability.

ClickUp recently raised $400 million in Series C funding, co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global. The company’s investors also include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Craft Ventures, and Georgian Partners.

The market for calendar apps has been bustling in the last few months. In November, Vimcal secured $4.5 million in funding from Altos Ventures to expand its enterprise offerings. Earlier this month, Notion launched its standalone calendar, based on Cron, which it acquired in 2022. At the same time, France-based startup Amie removed its waitlist and integrated email functionality.

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