“Speechify’s Integration of Gmail and Voice Cloning: The Ultimate Text-to-Speech Tool”

The new update has a scan feature, which lets users scan a physical document and import the text to listen to it later. The company is introducing a feature to let users read their emails by integrating their Gmail accounts. The app can also help users import their PDF attachments into the Speechify app. For instance, read later app Pocket, which is owned by Mozilla, has an in-app text-to-speech feature. Speechify wants to stand out in this market and wants to become a one-stop shop for anyone thinking about reading experiences by offering all kinds of integrations.

Text-to-speech startup Speechify is launching a new version of its iOS app (v3.0) with features like a redesigned home page, the ability to scan documents, Gmail and learning platform Canvas integration, and an explore page for in-app content.

Speechify is revolutionizing the reading experience with the release of its latest iOS app, version 3.0. This updated version boasts an array of new features including a revamped home page, document scanning capabilities, integration with Gmail and the learning management system Canvas, and an “explore” page to easily access in-app content.

The new home page of Speechify provides convenient shortcuts to import files from various sources such as iOS Files, Google Drive, Kindle, Gmail, Text, Scan, and Link. But the real game changer is the new scan feature, which allows users to scan physical documents and have the text automatically imported for later listening. Users can even scan two pages of a book simultaneously.

The redesigned home page also features a daily reading goal in the style of Apple Fitness Rings, which can be easily adjusted by the user.

In addition to document scanning, Speechify now offers the ability to read emails by integrating with Gmail accounts. The app also allows users to import PDF attachments directly into the Speechify platform. And, for those with an iCloud account, the new iCloud integration automatically imports files into the app.

Taking advantage of the interactive widget features in iOS 17, Speechify has launched new widgets to make importing sources, tracking reading progress, and continuing to listen to imported documents even easier. Premium voices can now also be listened to offline.

The company has also improved its AI voice models and added new celebrity voices, including Snoop Dogg and Mr. Beast, to make the listening experience even more enjoyable. Additionally, users can now get an AI-powered summary of a document or article, which the app will then read aloud.

One of the most impressive new features of Speechify 3.0 is the ability for users to clone their own voice and have it read out text. This feature utilizes Apple’s Personal Voice feature, which was released last year and creates a voice that sounds just like the user. And, following in the footsteps of Clubhouse, Speechify has also added a feature that reads chats in the user’s own voice.

Speechify boasts an impressive 23 million users and plans to expand its partnerships with apps such as Artifact (co-founded by Instagram’s co-founders) and Medium. Co-founder and head of AI Tyler Weitzman also hints at a future public API release for business partnerships involving their text-to-speech solutions.

In addition to promoting external reading sources, Speechify has also redesigned its explore page to showcase its own content in areas such as productivity, self-improvement, and learning differences. This content is presented in a similar format to Instagram Stories, making it easy and enjoyable to consume.

The company has observed that once users have listened to around 500 words on Speechify, they generally become hooked on the service. To encourage this, the app now comes with preloaded content to give users a headstart. However, Speechify aims to continue expanding its content and offers the ability to read content from different websites through an in-app browser, as well as a separate audiobook vertical.

Despite competition from apps like Pocket (owned by Mozilla) and the New York Times’ Audm-based audio app, Speechify stands out in the market by offering a one-stop shop for all reading experiences with its various integrations. With its latest app version, Speechify is revolutionizing the way we consume written content, making it accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for everyone.

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