India now has access to call recording and transcription thanks to Truecaller.

Caller identity company Truecaller has launched its call recording and transcription for paid users in India, the company’s biggest market. The recording feature will be available to premium users on both Android and iOS, with support for English and Hindi transcriptions. In June 2023, the company introduced call recording for premium users in the U.S., and now it is expanding the feature in India. If you are using Truecaller on Android, the app’s own dialer will show a dedicated recording button. The app calls another recording line, and then you will have to manually merge the calls to start the recording.

Truecaller, a leading caller identity company, has announced the launch of its call recording and transcription feature for paid users in its biggest market, India.

The recording tool will be available to premium subscribers on both Android and iOS, and will support English and Hindi transcriptions.

  • Record calls and transcribe conversations easily with Truecaller
  • Enjoy the benefits of call recording on both Android and iOS
  • Select from English or Hindi transcriptions for your recordings

In June 2023, Truecaller initially introduced this feature for its premium users in the United States. However, the company is now expanding its reach to the Indian market.
The main difference is that, due to strict regulations, users in the U.S. would hear a beep sound when recording a call. This is not required in India.

If you are an Android user, the Truecaller app’s own dialer will have a dedicated recording button. For other dialers, a floating recording button will appear.
On iOS, the process is slightly different because of Apple’s CallKit restrictions. To record incoming or outgoing calls, the user must initiate the call first and then access the “Record a call” feature in the app’s search tab. Truecaller will then connect the call to a separate recording line, which must be manually merged to start the recording.
Once the call ends, the app will process the audio and send a notification when the transcription is ready. On iOS, recordings can be stored locally or in iCloud.

Despite facing challenges, Truecaller remains hopeful with the launch of its premium plan, which includes call recording, at a cost of ₹79 ($0.95) per month or ₹529 per year ($6.38).
Recently, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommended a caller ID service, called CNAP, for cell networks. Truecaller has stated that it does not see this as a competitive service.

According to stockbroker Numis, Truecaller may not experience significant growth in the Indian advertising market. Instead, the company is focusing on increasing its subscriber revenue.

“We believe Truecaller is investing more to expand its subscriber base in the U.S. and its ad-funded user base in select markets in Latin America and Africa,” Numis stated in an investor note.

  1. Truecaller aims to boost subscriber revenue
  2. Focus on expanding user base in the U.S., Latin American, and African markets
  3. Notably, Truecaller does not anticipate significant growth in Indian ad market

Despite facing challenges and a 15% drop in stocks this year, Truecaller’s user base in India continues to grow. This market represents over 70% of its monthly and daily active users.
The company’s Q4 2023 results showed a 4% decrease in revenue compared to the previous year, with a total revenue of $167.34 million. However, monthly and daily active users grew by 11% and 12%, respectively, indicating potential for future growth.
Truecaller believes that the call recording feature, and its other capabilities, will encourage users to upgrade to the premium plan.

With its innovative call recording and transcription feature, Truecaller continues to provide valuable services to users in India and around the world. With a diverse user base and steady growth, the company remains optimistic about its future potential.

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