Faraday Future’s Survival Leads to Inaugural Recall

Troubled EV startup Faraday Future has issued its first recall, covering all 11 vehicles it built last year, as it fights to hold onto its Los Angeles headquarters. The recall centers around a problem with the warning light for the airbags in Faraday Future’s FF91 SUV. Faraday Future says it will “schedule concierge pick up, and redelivery, of the owners’ vehicles” to fix the software. The landlord of its LA headquarters is trying to evict the startup after Faraday missed multiple lease payments. Still, it is remarkable that after nearly 10 years and close to $4 billion in losses, Faraday Future has even made it to the point that it needs to issue a recall at all.

In a significant development, EV startup Faraday Future has announced its first recall of all 11 vehicles produced last year. This comes as the company struggles to keep its Los Angeles headquarters amidst financial troubles.

The recall is due to a defect in the warning light for the airbags on the FF91 SUV. According to the company, a software error was found that could prevent the light from illuminating in case of an airbag malfunction.

To rectify the problem, Faraday Future has stated that it will arrange to pick up and redeliver the affected vehicles through concierge service. Interestingly, the first owners of these vehicles were celebrities such as Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim and even singer Chris Brown.

However, this recall comes amid a dire financial situation for Faraday. The company’s LA headquarters landlord is attempting to evict them following missed lease payments, with a hearing scheduled for early April. Additionally, the company has been forced to furlough employees or cut their salaries as cost-saving measures. This has been extended until mid-to-late March, based on emails seen by TechCrunch.

Despite these challenges, it is noteworthy that Faraday Future has managed to reach a point where a recall is necessary. This is after a staggering 10 years and losses of nearly $4 billion. As the company continues to navigate through its struggles, it remains to be seen what the future holds for this troubled EV startup.

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