“Palmsy: The Ultimate Device-Exclusive Social Network for Your Posting Cravings”

When you sign up to a new social network, you have zero friend, zero follower, zero like. A new app called Palmsy is trying to act as social media methadone by letting you post anything and getting likes on them. While the app is reading your contact details, because all posts are local, contact information is not sent to a server. There have been multiple time-limiting apps that try to help when it comes to reducing social media addiction. Some developers have also released very basic apps to post dumb posts without consequences as well.

When you venture into a new social network, you embark with zero friends, zero followers and zero likes. However, as you begin to share content, you may gain an increasing number of likes and comments. This could result in attracting new followers. And the rush of dopamine from this attention will only motivate you to post more. A unique app called Palmsy aims to act as a type of social media methadone, allowing you to post anything and receive likes without the pressure of visibility.

But here’s the catch – no one can actually see your posts.

You have the freedom to publish as many posts as you want. The app even allows you to include photos with your posts. However, all of these posts are sent into a void. Developer Pat Nakajima explained on the thread that no post leaves your device and all the likes are fake.

This free app is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. It works by scanning your contact list and assigning fake likes to your posts. However, since the posts only exist on your device, your contact information is not shared with any servers.

In the app’s FAQ section, Nakajima states, “It can be enjoyable to receive likes from people you haven’t thought about in years. It can also be useful in helping you declutter your contacts list.” Palmsy has many uses – it can be your personal diary or a place to share your cheesy puns without any judgement. The choice is yours.

The developer recently updated the app with advanced options. You can now limit the number of likes for a specific post and choose how long you want those likes to come in – a few seconds, minutes, hours or even days. This is just one of many apps that aim to help control addiction to social media by limiting usage.

In 2018, Jason Shellen, a former Google Reader product manager, re-launched Brizzly as a website. This platform enables you to type anything into a text box and click ‘send’. Your posts have nowhere to go and you can’t even view them yourself once they’re sent.

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