Sneak Peek: ‘Blend’ by Instagram – An Exciting New Way to Share Reels with Your Bestie!

Instagram is developing a “Blend” feature that creates a private feed of Reels recommended for you and a friend. According to a screenshot posted on X by Paluzzi, a Blend would include “Reels recommendations based on Reels you’ve shared with each other and your Reels interests.”In other words, if you invited a friend to a “Blend,” Instagram would generate a personalized feed of Reels that it believes the two of you would be interested in. #Instagram is working on Blend: #Reels recommendations based on reels you've shared each other and your reels interests 👀 ℹ️ Private between the two of you. Since people already send each other Reels via DMs, Instagram would now be using that data to proactively recommend and display Reels that it believes a pair of users would enjoy. If released, Blend would give Instagram Reels users access to a fun and collaborative feature that isn’t available on its rival platform, TikTok.

Instagram is currently working on a new feature called “Blend” that could revolutionize the way users discover and share Reels. The company announced to TechCrunch on Friday that the feature is currently an internal prototype and is not available for external testing. This means that it’s still in the early stages of development and may not be released to the public anytime soon.

According to a screenshot showcased by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who has a knack for uncovering new social media features before their official launch, “Blend” would offer personalized recommendations for Reels based on the content users have shared with each other and their individual interests. Essentially, it would create a private feed exclusively for you and a friend, filled with Reels that the algorithm believes you would both enjoy.

Similar to Spotify’s “Blend” feature that allows two users to combine their favorite songs into a shared playlist, Instagram’s “Blend” would foster a collaborative experience between friends, allowing them to discover new Reels together. This could potentially boost engagement and watch time for Reels, as users would have a designated space to share and view content together.

The goal is to make it easier for users to find new Reels and enhance the overall experience for Reels on Instagram.

But what sets “Blend” apart from other social media features is its focus on privacy. The private feed would only be accessible to you and the user you invited, and you can leave the feed at any time. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity and control for users, making “Blend” a unique and appealing addition to the platform.

While there is no official word from Instagram on the exact details of the feature, it’s uncertain when or if “Blend” will be released for external use. However, if it does make its way onto the platform, it could give Instagram a slight competitive edge over its rival, TikTok.

As two of the leading competitors in the short-form video market, Instagram and TikTok often come head-to-head with their similar features. But with “Blend,” Instagram could set itself apart and provide users with a fun and collaborative feature that isn’t available on TikTok.

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