Butler App introduces new features: Shared Albums, HD Photos, and Increased File Sharing

Messenger Shared Albums
Meta announced on Tuesday it’s rolling out the ability for Messenger users to create shared albums in chats, send photos in high-definition, and share larger files up to 100MB in size. With these new features, Messenger is targeting people who tend to create shared albums or share HD images via services like Google Drive. Now, users can create albums of photos and videos in group chats, whether it’s to organize photos of a recent spring break or grandma’s 80th birthday celebration. The launch of the new feature follows Meta’s rollout of support for HD photos on WhatsApp back in September 2023. The new features are rolling out on mobile to all Messenger users.

Sneak Peek: ‘Blend’ by Instagram – An Exciting New Way to Share Reels with Your Bestie!

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Instagram is developing a “Blend” feature that creates a private feed of Reels recommended for you and a friend. According to a screenshot posted on X by Paluzzi, a Blend would include “Reels recommendations based on Reels you’ve shared with each other and your Reels interests.”In other words, if you invited a friend to a “Blend,” Instagram would generate a personalized feed of Reels that it believes the two of you would be interested in. #Instagram is working on Blend: #Reels recommendations based on reels you've shared each other and your reels interests 👀 ℹ️ Private between the two of you. Since people already send each other Reels via DMs, Instagram would now be using that data to proactively recommend and display Reels that it believes a pair of users would enjoy. If released, Blend would give Instagram Reels users access to a fun and collaborative feature that isn’t available on its rival platform, TikTok.

Teamwork versus Individualism: Embracing Collaboration over Competition – Insights from Five Deep Tech Financiers

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“The need for partnerships for deep tech investments, and the need to work together, it seemed obvious,” Hyuk-Jeen Suh told TechCrunch. Initially, Greentown’s founders were looking for lab space, but they quickly realized the benefits of the shared space went far beyond lower rent payments. The fact that the collaborative emerged among deep tech investors isn’t surprising. The sort of problems deep tech startups face favors cooperation over cutthroat competition. For investors, there’s so much blue sky in deep tech that Suh doesn’t think secrecy and jealousy gives anyone an edge.

Y Combinator Aims for a 100-Fold Increase in MRI Scans

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Leveraging resources such as virtual data rooms and shared labs makes it easier for biotech startups to grow. “For this to work, the world would need to scale up the number of MRI scans it does by at least 100x. Co-working for biotechShared lab spaces have been a game changer for biotech startups, Nature reported. This reminded me of Startup Battlefield alum Parallel Health — its chief scientist officer Nathan Brown had mentioned shared labs in passing when we chatted at Disrupt. “If you’re thinking about starting a company, try to visit a few just to see which one is the best.”Virtual data roomsVirtual data rooms are another important resource for biotech startups.

“Breaking Records: PadSplit’s Affordable Shared Housing Market Surpasses 10K+ Units”

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“The largest portion of anyone’s income almost always goes toward housing costs,” founder and CEO Atticus LeBlanc told TechCrunch. “And if you look around, you know that housing costs are skyrocketing, as much as 40% in some markets. Most notably, active members have saved $2.6 million monthly and around $47.4 million in total savings generated. “The life-changing results speak for themselves… These incredible results have led PadSplit residents to purchase their own vehicles, traditional apartments, launch their own companies and buy their own homes,” added LeBlanc. PadSplit, meanwhile, reports that the average monthly cost to live in one of its units is $729.

Enhance Your Social Connection with Day One’s Innovative ‘Shared Journals’ Collaborative Feature

Day One Shared Journals
Journal app Day One is introducing Shared Journals, a new social feature that lets you share stories and memories with your friends and family. As the creator of a shared journal, you can remove members, and as a member, you have the option to leave Shared Journals. To get started with Shared Journals, you need to tap the app’s upper left menu where you will see a new “Shared” section. Then, you will need to click “New Shared Journal” and customize and name your new Shared Journal. Once you publish the first entry in the Shared Journal, it will appear in the “Timeline” view for the Shared Journal.

Hyundai Motor India Resolves Security Vulnerability Revealing Customers’ Private Information

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In a phone conversation on Thursday, Hyundai Motor India spokesperson Siddhartha P. Saikia said the company would provide a statement. The bug exposed the customer’s personal information through the web links Hyundai Motor India shared with customers over WhatsApp after receiving their vehicles for servicing at an authorized service station. TechCrunch shared the details of the bug with Hyundai Motor India on the same day, and requested Hyundai Motor India fix the bug within seven days due to its simplicity and severity. Established in 1996, Hyundai Motor India is among the top three carmakers in the country, alongside Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. Hyundai Motor India has a network of over 1,500 service stations in the country.

20,000 E-Scooters To Be Auctioned by Superpedestrian Following Shutdown

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More than 20,000 electric scooters belonging to Superpedestrian will be auctioned off later this month, along with other equipment from the startup’s U.S. operations, after closing its doors December 31. Two “global online auction” listings have appeared on the website of Silicon Valley Disposition, an online market for “surplus assets,” which will feature scooters and other paraphernalia from cities Superpedestrian operated in, like Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. The first auction opens January 23, and will run for three days. A successive auction is set to run from January 29-January 31. Though it raised $125 million less than two years ago, the company struggled financially in 2023 as it operated its shared scooter fleets in dozens of cities around the globe.