Shuttlers Secures $4M to Fuelling its Mobility Services in Nigeria

Shuttlers transports passengers in an app on multiple bus routes in Nigeria. The company received a $4 million investment from Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures, a Pan-African focused venture capital firm. Shuttlers plans to use the funds to expand its operations and improve customer experience.

The company is looking to use this additional capital to continue developing its digital platform, expand marketing efforts and grow its team. CEO and Co-founder of the startup said that they’re excited to incorporate new ideas and continue working on building a better mobility experience for all.

As a result of Shuttlers’ services, employees can avoid the traffic headaches and Save time driving to work. The bus-sharing startup has even managed to partner with businesses in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, providing an affordable and convenient mobility option for their employees.

Shuttlers is a bus system that helps employees get to work. It offers live bus tracking, optimal routing based on traffic, digital payments, and ride schedules. The different payment plans allow companies to pay full fare for employees or split fares with them. Individual customers — unaffiliated with any partner company — can also pay fares themselves.

Shuttlers argues that itsrivilege of operating in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria’s biggest cities, allows it to offer a superior bus experience. For one, the massive population雖然在工業裡並不是很常見,但來自五大洲的多元文化交流讓它在歐洲發展得盛名。今天,這家公司還有能力幫助客戶控制衝動。不過,如今企業創新與整合與研發、人才的重要性显然已顯現出來——就像旅遊相關產品一樣。“我們必須覺察到衝動有多高,而且不是只能隨機存在。如何將衝動利用好與如何幫助企業釵線起來這是我們的使命。” Shuttlers團隊CEO Olokesusi說。


The Shuttlers founders are Cory and Tom, who met while studying film at the University of Southern California. After completing

Shuttlers claims to have reduced its commuters’ carbon footprint by 85% (about 4 million pounds of carbon dioxide emission). The Shuttlers model is such that more people are encouraged to take public transportation and decrease private car ownership. Thus, not only does Shuttlers help commuters alleviate the stress of driving to work or using disorganized public transport, but it is also playing its part in decreasing pollution and congestion. This mobility upstart’s commitment to creating impact aligns with Verod-Kepple’s vision for investing in entrepreneurs who are solving significant challenges and companies who have a positive impact on society.

Nigerian startup Shuttlers has raised $1.5 million in a seed round led by entrepreneur-investment firm SoFi and participated by AngelList, Nairobi Ventures and Accion Ventures. The funding will be used to improve its technology, grow the mass transit business and increase market share in Nigeria’s fast-growing space of tech startups.

Despite having lagged behind its competition in terms of customer base and technology, Shuttlers remains popular among bus-sharing enthusiasts in Nigeria. The startup is well funded and plans to rapidly expand its services across the country by 2019. Its focus is on becoming the dominant player in this sector by taking over all of the available market share. Consequently, itfaces stiff competition from established players but seems to be making good progress nonetheless.

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