Unlocking the Power of AI: How CommentSold’s Live Selling Startup Creates Socially-Savvy Shoppable Clips

The “AI ClipHero” feature creates short clips from livestreamed selling events, which often last for hours. “Shoppable ‘explainer’ videos are the most powerful video commerce medium right now, with TikTok and Instagram becoming the primary way Gen Z discovers, learns about products and purchases products. However, creating shoppable videos [requires] significant production times,” CommentSold CEO Guatam Goswami told TechCrunch. AI-powered clipping software isn’t new, but not many companies have developed AI-powered tools specifically designed for live commerce. Since launching in 2017, CommentSold now helps over 7,000 small- and mid-sized businesses deliver live shopping and e-commerce experiences.

CommentSold, the revolutionary e-commerce technology startup, has unveiled its latest innovation on Wednesday: an AI-powered tool that uses generative technology to sift through livestreamed footage and generate short product explainer videos. This groundbreaking feature is designed for online retailers to easily post these videos on their website, app, and social media channels.

“AI ClipHero” is a game-changing feature that automatically creates short clips from lengthy livestreamed selling events. For retailers, this saves them valuable time from having to manually rewatch and edit content for their customers. Instead, they can trust the AI to identify the most interesting parts of the livestream, providing a summary for those who may have missed the event. The revolutionary technology also utilizes speech recognition to generate captions, enhancing the overall viewing experience.”

-CommentSold CEO Guatam Goswami

This innovative tool has been specifically designed for the world of live commerce, a rapidly growing trend in online retail. While AI-powered clipping software is not entirely new, CommentSold is one of the few companies to develop a tool specifically for live events. Other startups, such as Powder and Eklipse, have also introduced similar features to capture highlights from gaming streams.

“We have seen the immense potential of shoppable explainer videos, which have become the most powerful video commerce medium. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have become the go-to for Gen Z to discover, learn about, and purchase products. However, the process of creating such videos can be time-consuming,” says Goswami.

He further explains, “That’s why CommentSold’s AI ClipHero is a game-changer. By utilizing millions of hours of livestreams in our library, the technology has been taught to identify and generate product explainer videos for livestream selling events – making it the first commercially available AI of its kind.”

In addition to the AI ClipHero, CommentSold has recently launched PopClips – an interactive feature that allows retailers to tag products in a banner at the bottom of each clip. This directs customers to the product page, ultimately driving more sales. The company also offers a variety of tools for custom website and mobile app building, as well as automated systems for inventory, invoices, and shipping.

CommentSold has been changing the game since its inception in 2017, providing live shopping and e-commerce experiences for over 7,000 small and mid-sized businesses. The company boasts impressive numbers, having facilitated the sale of over 180 million items with a lifetime gross merchandise value (GMV) of $4.4 billion. This is a massive increase from $3.8 billion in 2023.

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