“Introducing the All-New Password Manager App by Apple”

Passwords were available from the Settings app on your Mac or iPhone. Now, the company is introducing the Passwords app at WWDC 2024. It will be available with the next major releases of iOS, macOS and visionOS, that is iOS 18, macOS Sequoia and visionOS 2. As a reminder, iCloud Passwords already support shared passwords, verification codes and a note field for every password entry. This new app will make it easier to get started and think about using iCloud Passwords to store your sensitive information.

Are you tired of struggling to sync your passwords across all of your devices using iCloud? Well, Apple has some good news for you. At WWDC 2024, they announced the launch of a new app specifically for password management.

Introducing the Passwords app – now available with the latest releases of iOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and visionOS 2. This new app will make it easier than ever to store and sync your passwords seamlessly across all of your Apple devices.

With its simple and user-friendly interface, the Passwords app offers a new left column for easy navigation. This feature allows users to sort through their password collection with ease. Whether you need to view all of your passwords or just Wi-Fi passwords (a new addition), passkeys, or codes, this app has got you covered.

But that’s not all. In addition to the features already found in the Passwords menu, the app also supports shared passwords, verification codes, and a note field for each password entry. This means that users can now store all of their sensitive information securely in one place.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the new Passwords app and simplify your password management process. Say goodbye to the struggles of using iCloud to sync your passwords and hello to a more convenient and secure option.

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