Tech Issue Results in Persistent Payment Delays for Depop Vendors, Confirms Corporation

A streetwear seller, whose shop is @fentoozler791, told TechCrunch that they had a payment of $200 for multiple packages pushed back by over a week. It seemed like they didn’t care until they realized they’d be losing my money from all the fees they’ve charged me,” @fentoozler791 told TechCrunch. After further requests for comment, Depop told TechCrunch on Wednesday that it had uncovered an issue that caused these delayed payments. We identified an issue in our automated payouts system that has now been fixed, and all pending payments have been sent out to affected sellers,” Depop said. Depop told TechCrunch that it gained 5 million registered users last year, bringing its userbase up to 35 million.

“Google’s Image-Generating AI: A Confession of Loss of Control”

Adobe Firefly Dogwalkers Tilt Blur
Google has apologized (or come very close to apologizing) for another embarrassing AI blunder this week, an image generating model that injected diversity into pictures with a farcical disregard for historical context. While the underlying issue is perfectly understandable, Google blames the model for “becoming” over-sensitive. But if you ask for 10, and they’re all white guys walking goldens in suburban parks? Where Google’s model went wrong was that it failed to have implicit instructions for situations where historical context was important. These two things led the model to overcompensate in some cases, and be over-conservative in others, leading to images that were embarrassing and wrong.