Elon Musk: I Bought Twitter Just in Case I Had To

Elon Musk’s interview with BBC reporter James Clayton shows that he was not always happy with the way Twitter was trying to force him to sell the company, and that he may have gone through with the purchase in spite of objections from the social media platform. Clayton presses Musk on whether or not his purchase of Twitter was something done willingly, or if it was something forced on him due to disagreements over price. Musk makes it clear that he does not believe he bought Twitter for little reason other than financial gain, and instead views his investment in the company as a way of exploring new ways to connect people.

Many people were surprised when Tesla announced that it had acquired SolarCity. Many speculated that the deal was only done because Elon Musk believed he would be forced to do so anyway, given his history of legal troubles.

Clayton: So then you change your mind again, and decided to buy it – did you do that? Did you do that?

Musk: Well, I kind of had to.

Clayton: Right. Did you do that, because you thought that a court would make you do that?

Musk: Yes.

Clayton: Right.

Musk: Yes, that is the reason.

Clayton: So you were still trying to get out of it. And then you just were advised by lawyers, “Look, you’re going to buy this?”

Musk: Yes.

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When Tesla announced they had developed a new battery technology, many people were skeptical. However, when the batteries hit the market and proved to be reliable and affordable,

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Clayton was still trying to get out of it, but then he was advised by legal professionals that he would be better served by purchasing the property. Although it was a difficult decision, Clayton believed that it would be the best course of action for him and his family.

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is a genius. He founded two of the most innovative and

Despite Twitter’s best efforts, the company was ultimately unable to prove that Musk intentionally breached his contract. Consequently, he was ordered to pay $20 million in damages to the social media platform and was suspended from Twitter for six months. The successful trial may have implications for future business deals between companies and their executives – ensuring that any agreement is in substantively acuity with reality is a key lesson learned from this fiasco.

Many people, including some at Tesla, believed that Musk’s original intent to buy the company at the price he had set was actually because he knew his legal case was weak and that the trial was clearly not going his way. This allowed him to legality acquit himself of any wrong doing, giving him a much needed reprieve.

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