“Clumio Secures $75 Million in Funding to Streamline Cloud Data Backup and Restoration”

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Clumio, a data backup and recovery provider for companies using the public cloud, has raised $75 million in a Series D round of funding. ‘live”) data and backup data in separate secure domains, something that many backup solutions (including first-party from the cloud providers themselves) don’t do. Indeed, Clumio stores its backup data in what Kumar calls a “hyper-optimized data plane” on AWS. “We leverage our serverless data processing engine in AWS to perform all core backup operations using. Prior to now, the company had raised around $186 million, the lion’s share arriving via a $135 million Series C round more than four years ago.

“Dili’s Desire: Harnessing AI for Automated Due Diligence”

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“[AI] affects all parts of an investment fund, from analysts to partners and back-office functions,” Song said. Dili isn’t the first to apply AI to the due diligence process. Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 75% of VC and early-stage investor executive reviews will be informed using AI and data analytics. The question is, can Dili’s AI — or any AI really — be trusted when it comes to managing a portfolio? Dili ran an initial pilot last year with 400 analysts and users across different types of funds and banks.

“AI’s Impact on Employment: The Surprising Findings from a Recent MIT CSAIL Investigation”

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Will AI automate human jobs, and — if so — which jobs and when? “Like much of the recent research, we find significant potential for AI to automate tasks,” Thompson told TechCrunch in an email interview. In conducting this study, the researchers surveyed workers to understand what an AI system would have to accomplish, task-wise, to fully replace their jobs. maintaining an AI system) that didn’t exist before. For AI researchers and developers, this work points to the importance of decreasing the costs of AI deployments and of increasing the scope of how they can be deployed.

“Breaking Barriers: Briq Secures $8M Investment and Soars to $150M Valuation with Revolutionary AI-driven Finance Automation for Construction Industry”

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Briq, a startup that uses AI to automate finances in construction, brings in $8M extension at a $150M valuationAt a time where many startups are struggling to raise funding, or are raising – but at lower valuations, it’s notable when companies raise at flat or higher valuations. The startup last announced a fundraise in June of 2021 – a $30 million Series B financing led by Tiger Global Management. Customers include Briq Choate Construction, Catamount Construction, Fessler and Bowman, and Elder Construction, among others. Briq deploys that across two products: Briq AutoPilot and Briq CoPilot. “Usually when we think about robots in construction, we think about machines on a jobsite.