“Share Your Future Location with Loved Ones Using Swayy: The Ultimate Group Curation App at MWC!”

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Swayy is an iPhone app startup that allows you to share not your current location, but your next intended location. I also liked the way the Swayy app allows me to create custom groups. As Westropp pointed out, as a female founder, she’s acutely aware that being able to control precisely who can see her future location is something she hard-wired into the app. Of course, Swayy is likely to struggle against the tech giants already toying with location as feature. It will also be an opportunity for Instagram to appeal to people who were fans of Zenly, a social map app that Snap acquired and then shut down in 2022.

Introducing Instagram’s Newest Feature: Easily Track Friends’ Locations with the ‘Friend Map’

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Instagram is developing an opt-in “Friend Map” feature that would allow users to see their friends’ locations in real time, a Meta spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch on Monday. Instagram would also be coming for Apple and its “Find My” map feature that lets users see where their friends and family are currently located. According to screenshots posted on Threads by Paluzzi, Instagram’s Friend Map would allow users to choose who can see their location. Post by @alex193a View on ThreadsThe Friend Map would allow users to leave short messages, or “Notes,” on the map for others to see. After cutting into one of Google’s core businesses, Instagram may now be looking to take on Snapchat and Apple with its Friend Map.

“Hivemapper Unveils Cutting-Edge Bee Dashcam: The Ultimate Challenger to Google’s Map Empire”

Hivemapper Bee
Mapping startup Hivemapper will launch a new dashcam later this year that its co-founder believes will speed up efforts to claw market share away from Google. The new Hivemapper Bee camera, revealed Wednesday, is part of the company’s years-long push to decentralize mapping and make map data more affordable and accessible. Late last year the company launched Scout, a “location monitoring tool” that lets customers “mark” a location and receive images every time a Hivemapper driver passes by. The company says the Bee will create higher-quality map data that is less likely to be rejected upon submission. Nelson says there are plenty of people who want to buy a Hivemapper camera for other reasons.

“Faddom secures $12M funding to enable comprehensive IT infrastructure mapping across diverse environments”

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When IT was responsible for servers onsite, understanding what you owned and where it lived was not a big problem. Faddom, an early stage Israeli startup, helps companies map their infrastructure wherever it lives, and helps them visualize the connections and dependencies, taking aim at medium-sized enterprises. Once the map is in place, companies can use the information for a variety of tasks such as infrastructure change management and migrations, cybersecurity and compliance. It defines its target market as companies with between a few hundred and a few thousand employees managing perhaps 100 servers or or more with between $100 million to a few billion dollars in revenue. Usually their budgets will be very low, and usually there’s no innovation tailored for that type of segment,” he said.

Explore the GenAI Era: A Startup Map for Success

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At Prosus, this has involved guiding startups through the GenAI landscape, helping them not just adapt, but also win in a market that is rapidly transforming. In this article, I distill those learnings into a practical playbook for GenAI, aimed at helping startups to not only survive but also thrive in the GenAI era. GenAI value creationBalancing protective measures, like data protection protocols, with progressive strategies, such as AI-driven product rollouts, is essential. Disruption diagnostics: Dissect risk and readinessIt is crucial to understand your company’s current standing in relation to GenAI disruption. This involves a thorough analysis of risk exposure and operational readiness, which provides a foundation for a robust GenAI strategy.

Discover the Latest in Smart Home Tech: Experience Samsung’s Interactive ‘AI Characters’ in Household Maps

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Samsung wants to make the smart home smarter — if your home’s a Samsung home, that is. Elsewhere, Samsung launched a new “map view” for SmartThings similar to Amazon’s recently launched Map View. Samsung’s take shows an interactive map of your home complete with the location of any smart home devices (e.g. In a cute (or creepy, depending on your point of view) touch, the new SmartThings maps show “AI characters” that stand in for family members and pets inside the home. But once that’s done, they’ll display on supported Samsung TVs, the screen of the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

10M Users Achieved: Jagat, the Social Network Emphasizing Physical Connections, Hits Milestone

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The location-based social network, which launched earlier this year in March, wants to help people focus on real-life connections and make friends. Jagat is somewhat similar to Snap-owned Zenly, a social map app that shut down last year. Your social map is what you see when you open Jagat, as it’s where you see your friends’ locations in real-time. “We want to bring back social in social apps – focusing on social networking and not media,” Beagen said. Around 85% of Jagat users are part of GenZ.