Robotic Assistance: The Diminishment of Human Job Fulfillment

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In the short term, many employers have complained of an inability to fill roles and retain workers, further accelerating robotic adoption. One aspect of the conversation that is oft neglected, however, is how human workers feel about their robotic colleagues. But could the technology also have a negative impact on worker morale? The institute reports a negative impact to worker-perceived meaningfulness and autonomy levels. As long as robots have a positive impact on a corporation’s bottom line, adoption will continue at a rapidly increasing clip.

“Paraform Secures $3.6 Million in Funding to Facilitate Networking Between Startups and Recruiters”

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The startup charges a listing fee (subscription fee) to publish jobs on the platform and a success fee when a hire is made. “The listing fee ensures buy-in from startups to the two-way marketplace and a commitment to the recruiters they’re working with,” Kim said. In addition to early- and late-stage startups, Kim said the platform also works with larger in-house talent teams to fill challenging roles. “More than 50% of our customers have great in-house talent teams, but they continue to post roles on Paraform. “We’re already branching out into research, science, manufacturing and defense roles due to the demand we’re seeing from potential customers,” Kim said.

“New Alliance of Major Tech Firms Addresses Concerns over AI Job Displacement”

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IBM has pledged to skill 2 million people in AI by 2030; Intel has said it’ll upskill over 30 million with AI in the same timeframe. Yet it’s not clear how many AI roles will be available then. According to a recent analysis by Lightcast, a labor market analytics firm, the demand for AI roles is decreasing, not increasing. “Consortium members commit to developing worker pathways particularly in job sectors that will increasingly integrate artificial intelligence technology,” the spokesperson said. Big Tech has big promises to keep, particularly where it concerns the future of work and the tech industry’s role in shaping it.

Amazon Announces Additional Job Cuts in Buy with Prime Division

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As Amazon initiates job cuts across its entire business, including its streaming division, the e-commerce giant is now laying off employees within its Buy with Prime segment. Launched in 2022, Buy with Prime is a service that enables third-party merchants to offer Prime benefits like free shipping and returns. Buy with Prime expanded its availability in early 2023, adding more U.S. brands like BigCommerce and Sustainable Glam. “Buy with Prime is a top priority for Amazon, with strong adoption from merchants and positive feedback from customers, and we will continue investing significant resources in Buy with Prime to build on that momentum. Earlier this month, Amazon laid off 500 Twitch workers and hundreds of employees at Prime Video and MGM Studios.

Google announces further job cuts as YouTube reduces staff by 100

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Yet another series of layoffs has hit Google, this time at its video-sharing platform, YouTube. The company will eliminate 100 employees, a spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. Last week, Google laid off more than 1,000 workers across several divisions, including engineering, services and voice-activated product Google Assistant. “As we’ve said, we’re responsibly investing in our company’s biggest priorities and the significant opportunities ahead,” a Google spokesperson said in a provided statement. “We’re continuing to support any impacted employees as they look for new roles here at Google and beyond,” the spokesperson added.

Bolt, the One-Click Checkout Company, Announces Additional Layoffs

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E-commerce and fintech company Bolt, which was at one time the subject of a federal probe, confirmed it laid off 29% of its staff, according to a company spokesperson. This latest round of layoffs, which the spokesperson said happened last week, follow a handful of other layoffs made by the company since 2022. It’s not clear how many employees the company had at the time of the layoffs or which roles were impacted. The company, which provides software to retailers to speed up checkout, raised around $1 billion in total venture-backed funding and at one time was valued at $11 billion. The company announced partnerships with retailers, including Saks OFF 5TH, Shinola, Filson, Lafayette 148 and Toys”R”Us, in November.