Possible style: Potential Impact of TikTok Prohibition on Amazon Merchants Seeking Substitutes

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TikTok ban could harm Amazon sellers looking for alternatives The ban could prematurely end TikTok's e-commerce dream and hit sellers seeking new channelsIn March, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that could force ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban in U.S. app stores. Research from Jungle Scout, an Amazon data intelligence provider, provides some idea of TikTok’s e-commerce impact, however. It found that 20% of Amazon sellers, brands, and businesses have plans to expand to TikTok Shop this year. TikTok isn’t the only platform on the list for merchants looking for more channels beyond Amazon to expand their customer bases. But if TikTok Shop’s strategy is mainly focused on bringing offline businesses online for the first time, that could be a very big move.

“Revolutionizing E-commerce: AI-powered URL listings now available on Amazon”

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Amazon launched generative AI-powered features last year to help sellers quickly create listings by entering just a few words about the product. The company is now making it easier for sellers to create listings if an item is already listed on their website. The e-commerce giant’s new tool uses AI to parse details from an item’s URL on another site and create an Amazon listing. In the latest announcement, Amazon said more than 100,000 sellers have tried generative AI tools. Last year, Google launched a tool related to product imaginary and eBay introduced a feature that generated listings from product images.

Tech Issue Results in Persistent Payment Delays for Depop Vendors, Confirms Corporation

A streetwear seller, whose shop is @fentoozler791, told TechCrunch that they had a payment of $200 for multiple packages pushed back by over a week. It seemed like they didn’t care until they realized they’d be losing my money from all the fees they’ve charged me,” @fentoozler791 told TechCrunch. After further requests for comment, Depop told TechCrunch on Wednesday that it had uncovered an issue that caused these delayed payments. We identified an issue in our automated payouts system that has now been fixed, and all pending payments have been sent out to affected sellers,” Depop said. Depop told TechCrunch that it gained 5 million registered users last year, bringing its userbase up to 35 million.

Maximize Buyer Engagement: The Importance of Establishing Online Sales Spaces for Startups

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I founded Mindtickle, a sales readiness platform, in 2011 to address this issue and help companies prepare their sales teams to tackle any challenge. Digital sales rooms offer a new way to achieve just that. Winning sales organizations have now started using digital sales rooms (DSRs) to introduce buyer enablement to the sales enablement ecosystem to create a more interactive and engaging experience for buyers. Combining DSRs with sales enablement toolsBuyers are scrutinizing purchases more and sellers are under pressure to provide value in every buyer interaction. Digital sales rooms are online microsites where sellers can customize and share contracts, mutual action plans, sales content, and more with buyers.

“Etsy Unveils Revolutionary ‘Gift Mode’: An AI-Driven Tool with 200+ Curated Gift Suggestions”

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E-commerce site Etsy today launched “Gift Mode,” a new AI-powered feature to match you with tailored gift ideas based on specific preferences. Gift Mode is essentially an online quiz that asks about who you’re shopping for (sibling, parent, child), the occasion (birthday, anniversary, get well), and the recipient’s interests. At launch, the feature has 15 interests to choose from, including crafting, fashion, sports, video games, pets, and more. It then generates a series of gift guides inspired by your choices, pulling options from the over 100 million items listed on the platform. Etsy hopes Gift Mode will relieve the stress that comes with selecting the perfect present.

“Retail Revolution: Qogita Secures $86M Series B Funding to Challenge Ankorstore in Europe’s Wholesale Market”

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Qogita – a two-sided ecommerce wholesale marketplace aimed at retailers largely in the health and beauty sectors – has raised €80 million ($86 million) in a Series B round led by London’s Dawn Capital and Accel. Targeting SME e-commerce retailers businesses that want to deal with a more ‘all-in-one’ wholesale platform, Qogita is not dissimilar to in the US (which has raised $1.7 billion to date) and Ankorstore out of France (which has raised €365 million). In a statement, Norman Fiore, General Partner at Dawn Capital, said: “It is remarkable how complex and completely opaque product procurement still is for small and medium-sized businesses targeting the $6 trillion e-commerce market. Qogita has built an all-in-one platform to address the entire wholesale procurement process.”Luca Bocchio, Partner at Accel, also added: “The B2B wholesale market in Europe is huge, but also fragmented and complex. And in April, Ankorstore launched a new membership programme for independent retailers in Europe, removing minimum checkout amounts and waiving heavy/fragile shipping fees, plus a 90 day BNPL offer.