“Revolutionizing E-commerce: AI-powered URL listings now available on Amazon”

Amazon launched generative AI-powered features last year to help sellers quickly create listings by entering just a few words about the product. The company is now making it easier for sellers to create listings if an item is already listed on their website. The e-commerce giant’s new tool uses AI to parse details from an item’s URL on another site and create an Amazon listing. In the latest announcement, Amazon said more than 100,000 sellers have tried generative AI tools. Last year, Google launched a tool related to product imaginary and eBay introduced a feature that generated listings from product images.

Last year, Amazon revolutionized the way sellers create product listings with the launch of their generative AI-powered features. With just a few words about the product, sellers could quickly and easily create a listing. And now, the e-commerce giant is taking it to the next level.

The company has unveiled a new tool that uses AI to extract information from an item’s URL on another site and automatically generate a high-quality listing on Amazon. This new feature is currently rolling out to U.S. sellers in English.

“In addition to using sparse amounts of text or an image to generate listings, we are now launching the ability for sellers to simply leverage their existing listings by just providing Amazon with a URL, which is automatically parsed by our generative AI-based features, to seamlessly create high-quality, engaging listings for Amazon’s store,” the company said on its blog.

This latest announcement comes after last October’s launch of a tool for advertisers to generate background through text prompts. Amazon revealed that using a contextual background for a product could increase click-through rates by up to 40%, compared to a plain white background.

According to Amazon, over 100,000 sellers have already tried their generative AI tools. And the most impressive stat? 80% of the time, sellers choose to accept the suggestions provided by the AI-powered features.

Other companies are also exploring the potential of using AI for product-related tools in the world of advertising and retail. Google introduced a tool for product imagery, while eBay debuted a feature that creates listings based on product images. And earlier this year, Shopify launched their own AI-powered image editor for products.

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