Gain Control Over Your Data with FLIKs Unified Checkout Solution for Southeast Asian Sellers

Southeast Asia’s e-commerce is fragmented, with many marketplaces, e-commerce sites and social commerce available to customers. FLIK co-founder Ahmad Gadi notes that consumers often prefer large marketplaces due to promotions and cashback deals they offer. However, this isn’t ideal for direct-to-consumer brands since it doesn’t provide the data or loyalty they need. FLIK’s unified payment solution helps; buyers’ checkout info is saved across retail sites in their merchant network so buying gets easier while conversion rates increase – plus brands get more control over consumer data & lower platform fees!

Today, FLIK – based in Jakarta – announced that it has secured $1.1 million pre-seed funding from East Ventures, with Init-6, GMO VenturePartners and Saison Capital also taking part.

Gadi founded FLIK after launching Pawoon, a digital payments platform for businesses.

FLIK co-founder and CEO Ahmad Gadi

recently announced that the company is launching a new product.

Ahmad Gadi, FLIK’s co-founder and CEO, recently unveiled their latest product launch!

Gadi told TechGround that FLIK’s team has expertise in both online and offline payments/merchant services. He noted, “Checkout is a key area to develop products as it’s the entry point for money into a business. As online sellers are becoming more advanced, they want to optimize their operations further – which is where we saw an opportunity to create a unified checkout experience; something difficult outside of centralized marketplaces.”

Brands struggle to consolidate data due to fragmented e-commerce and checkout methods, but FLIK helps them gain access to insights that can improve the shopping experience. For instance, shoppers’ browsing behaviors can inform potential product upsells at checkout; likewise, their interests in discounts and promotions are also taken into account.

FLIK helps e-commerce sites powered by popular platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, as well as social media channels including Instagram shops and chat apps. It can even be embedded into blog posts to create mini shopping experiences!

FLIK offers product discovery, price comparison, rewards and post-purchase services like refunds and returns processing. Download the app to easily keep track of your purchases and offers!

Gadi says FLIK is in an advantageous position, as other D2C enablers focus on Shopify-like storefronts. FLIK specializes in the checkout layer and creating a network of buyers. This gives them a unique edge: “We can provide a unified and optimised checkout experience to all D2C enablers by connecting their existing platforms with our own.”

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