“Unlock the Power of Create Your Own Waterless Personal Care Experience with Tap Water”

Mousse Mains 1
French startup wants to try something new. Instead of buying a new bottle of shower gel every time you need some shower gel, the startup focuses on the active ingredients. On your first order, you receive an empty, reusable plastic bottle with a pump. The next time you need more shower gel or shampoo, you only need a new stick (and some tap water). In addition to shampoo and shower gel, also sells foaming hand soap, dish soap, laundry and dishwasher tablets, as well as a few other products.

“Formerly Owned by Nikola’s Founder, Electric Badger Pickup Truck Program Acquired by Associate of Disgraced CEO Trevor Milton”

Nikola Badger4
Beleaguered electric trucking company Nikola has sold the Badger electric pickup truck assets it was once supposed to build with General Motors. Embr now owns the intellectual property associated with the Badger pickup truck, as well as the assets related to Nikola’s abandoned off-road and personal water craft vehicles. News of the deal to sell the Badger program comes at an odd time. But it revealed the Badger pickup in February 2020, just a few months before it went public in a merger with a special purpose acquisition company. Worthen said Nikola is clawing back 500,000 of those shares Milton gave Sparks as part of the deal.

Softbank Transfers Ownership of Open Opportunity Fund to Black and Latino Executives

Softbank is selling its Open Opportunity Fund to its chairman and managing partner, Paul Judge, and Marcelo Claure, who is being appointed the fund’s vice chairman and general partner. Judge and Claure will fully own the firm’s $100 million Open Opportunity Fund 1, the $150 million Fund 2, as well as the entire portfolio. Claure called the acquisition a “significant milestone,” saying it “demonstrates a concrete move towards more diverse representation within all layers of the venture capital ecosystem.”Softbank rebranded its Opportunity Growth Fund to Open Opportunity Fund (OOF) earlier this year, and appointed Judge as its chairman, who became co-owner of the Fund. Fund 1 deployed $100 million in 75 Black-and-Latino companies, yielding seven exits and 46 follow-on rounds. Fund 1 companies may also receive funding from Fund 2 on a “case-by-case basis,” Judge said.