Doorstead Secures $21.5M Series B to Expand Property Management Startup

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  • Knock, knock, it’s guaranteed renters at the door: Property owners don’t always have peace of mind while renting out their spaces, but Doorstead believes its approach is solving that. Mary Ann reports on the company securing $21.5 million new funding to not only tell you how much in rent you can expect, but also to make sure you always have a tenant for your rental property.
  • Credit buzz: Indian fintech KreditBee’s business model of underwriting to help people get microloans attracted even more venture capital — $100 million, in fact — to boost the company’s valuation to nearly $700 million, Manish writes.
  • Seeing is believing: Haje reports on “Lumus’ bid to make AR glasses a little bit less cringe.”

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Will record levels of dry powder trigger a delayed explosion of startup investment?

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Tech investors have amassed a staggering $290 billion in cash reserves, leading to waves of layoffs and discounted office furniture on Craigslist.

Despite ample cash supply and a surge in digitalization spending, some investors believe we’re entering an active investment cycle, according to Raphael Mukomilow and Pierre Bourdon of Picus Capital.

The pair’s research of uninvested capital from 2006 revealed a cycle: crises in the investment landscape are often followed by years of high returns. History repeats itself.

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Big Tech Inc.

Say goodbye to Snap’s desktop camera app – it will be shut down Jan. 25 so the company can focus on its Camera Kit for Web feature. As The Verge first reported, this move isn’t too surprising; last year Snap cut 20% of its staff and discontinued their drone product shortly after launch.

We’ve got five more for you!

  • We’re slashing prices left and right: Matt reports that Tesla slashed pricing for its Model 3 and Model Y in China for the second time in three months.
  • Plagiarism in the world of AI: If you were in school in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you might remember your teacher telling you not to use the internet because it was full of misinformation. Well, technology has come a long way, and even longer now that ChatGPT is a thing. Amid news that New York City public schools are blocking ChatGPT, OpenAI says it’s working on “mitigations” to help spot ChatGPT-generated text, Kyle reports.
  • TikTok, it’s time to go to bed: We’ve heard of alarms to wake you up, but that phone screen was meant to keep you engaged when you should be sleeping. “No problem,” says TikTok, which is testing a “sleep reminder” feature that nudges you when it’s bedtime, Aisha writes. And that’s not all — she also reports that TikTok has video scrubbing thumbnails now to make it easier to find specific parts of videos.
  • It’s enough to make you Twitch: Website and app outages happen all the time, but when Amanda saw it happened to Twitch for the second time in a week, she decided to get to the bottom of it.
  • Samsung not singing a happy tune: Kate reports on Samsung’s preliminary estimates of its quarterly profit, which don’t look good. The memory chip and phone maker says quarterly profit hit an eight-year low amid weak demand for its products.
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