Exploring the Possibilities: How Twitters Influence Will Shape Social Media in the Future

Twitter may not be doomed, but what we witnessed in 2022 is still a lasting reminder.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social network has left it with a $13 billion debt, and its future is uncertain; bankruptcy is an option that Musk himself has acknowledged. Twitter recently refused to pay for basic expenses such as rent and toilet paper, suggesting a bleak outlook.

The future of one of the world’s leading social networks is uncertain due to chaos. This presents an opportunity to contemplate how the social media landscape may shift in 2022, when Twitter faces its biggest test yet.

Taylor Hatmaker, Amanda Silberling, and Haje Jan Kamps present their visions of a post-Twitter future:

Taylor Hatmaker: Embrace change; it’s a good thing. Amanda Silberling: Get creative! Haje Jan Kamps: Let’s revive the past!

Taylor Hatmaker: Nothing lasts forever and that’s a good thing

Elon Musk’s Twitter debacle demonstrated that even one individual can disrupt a formerly reliable social network.

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