An Unconventional Adaptation: HBOs The Last of Us is a Video Game Show Done Right

Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”) and Bella Ramsey (“Game of Thrones”) star as Joel and Ellie in “The Last of Us.” Initially, the two want nothing to do with each other, but their relationship evolves when they are charged with a perilous mission: smuggling Ellie out of Boston’s quarantine zone across America. With Tess (Anna Torv), Joel’s confidante, guiding them on their journey, both characters come to rely heavily on one another for support.

HBO’s “The Last of Us” is the first video game adaptation to grace the network, and fans are likely relieved. Co-written by franchise creator Neil Druckmann, this show serves as a love letter to all those who have kept the beloved decade-long series alive. Quality won’t be an issue here – with Druckmann at its helm, it’s sure to be a hit!

SPOILER ALERT: In “The Last of Us,” Joel and Ellie’s bond is one of the most powerful relationships in gaming. Their journey across a post-apocalyptic America brings them closer together as they battle the infected, oppressive military forces, and

At first glance, “The Last of Us” may seem like a typical zombie survival tale. But unlike other gory entries in the genre, it centers not on drawn-out action sequences but on how humans cope as their world grows increasingly uncertain.

This show is great because viewers don’t need to play the game to understand it. HBO’s “The Last of Us” stays true to its original timeline while also offering some unique elements that make the story appealing for a broader audience.

Co-creator Craig Mazin said in a CNET interview that the game taking place in 2033 as opposed to the show being set in 2023 helps viewers “connect a little bit more.” He added that, “in this parallel universe, this is happening right now,” making it feel “a little less real” if it was occurring 10 years into the future.

HBO’s “The Last of Us” takes a more detailed look at Joel’s backstory compared to the 15-minute introductory cutscene in the video game.

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In 2023, Joel is a smuggler in a quarantine zone guarded by FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency) soldiers. Meanwhile, Marlene leads “The Fireflies,” a militia group determined to revolt against military oppression and restore government control.

We meet Ellie, a teenage immune to the fungus and held captive by The Fireflies. Joel and Ellie’s different perspectives on the world will be central to the series, as in the game.

Frank (Murray Bartlett), Bill (Nick Offerman), Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), Florence (Elaine Miles), Riley (Storm Reid), Perry(Jeffrey Pierce) and Henry(Lamar Johnson) are yet to be introduced.

HBO Max’s recent price increase is unlikely to dampen the success of “The Last of Us”: a hit on the streaming service.

Warner Bros. Discovery pulled out all the stops to promote their latest series, “The Last of Us.” They hosted a two-hour NYC experience with a screening of the first episode and an array of themed goodies, photo ops and more. Similar to its promotion for other highly anticipated shows like “Game Of Thrones” spinoff “House Of The Dragon,” Warner Bros. left no stone unturned in hyping up its new release!

On Jan. 15, tune in to HBO Max for “The Last of Us Podcast,” hosted by Troy Baker (the voice actor behind Joel). Every Sunday, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin will join Baker to discuss the show’s development and share behind-the-scenes stories.

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