Microsoft Unleashes Bings AI-Powered Voice on Mobile and Skype

Bing is quickly becoming a go-to search engine for many on both the desktop and mobile platforms. With Cortana now integrated, Bing can help you with tasks such as finding the current weather or information about an upcoming concert. With the new chat mode and integration with Skype, Bing is sure to make your online searches even more convenient.

Windows 10 Home ships with a ton of bundled software, including just about everything you need to get up and running. Cortana is the voice assistant that

Now that Google has released its own take on Cortana, Microsoft is looking for ways to regain lost ground in the AI race. Bringing Bing to mobile just might be the strategy that wins them back some customers.

With the new Bing chat integration, you can ask the search engine questions in your conversations just like you would with other people. You can customize what information you see in your responses and whether or not they’re bullet points, text, or a simplified response. This is a great feature that I’d love to see available for regular Bing chat as well.

Shortly after Allo was announced, Google released a blog post which detailed how the app would work with the Google Assistant. The assistant would act as a go-to chatbot within all of your conversations, popping up to offer pertinent information or help you out. Unfortunately, though it was plagued by many issues (including its lack of language recognition), Allo was ultimately discontinued in May 2017. However, its features and foundation continue to live on in other forms of Google software like Duplex and Translate Now

Bing is making a strong push into voice search with these updates, but Cortana remains a formidable opponent. The new features emphasize the importance of language models and give users more control over how their queries are processed. This should make it easier for users to find what they need and minimize interruptions while they’re using the app.

Much to the chagrin of some Bing users, Microsoft has been restricting the search engine in a way that restricts how many queries a user can make and how often they can turn pages. While I’ve definitely abused it in the past, I’ve also found that Bing is very useful for day-to-day interactions. Microsoft has responded by increasing the number of queries users are able to make per day and allowing them to revisit old pages more frequently.

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