Chris Rock to Deliver The Slap Live on Netflix This Saturday

Rock’s decision not to sue Smith might have come from a business standpoint. Rock could have made millions rally around Smith, who was already a well-known and successful actor and producer. Instead, Rock turned the situation into a comedy tour mainstay, making $50 million over the past five years alone.

Netflix has been airing the new set of Rock concerts from the Hippodrome Theatre live this coming Saturday night. The show features an eclectic mix of songs covering a wide variety of genres, including hard rock, country, and even gospel. With tickets going for just $35 per seat, the show is sure to be a blast for any music lover out there.

||Rock fans have been eagerly following the show’s progress on social media throughout the auditions and rehearsals, hoping to see their favorite stars perform live. Netflix representatives have made it clear that Sunday’s performance is a premiere—the first time audiences will get to experience the show in its entirety. The competition between Rock and its streaming competitors— such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Apple Music —is sure to heat up even more with this event.}

Netflix has a lot riding on Sunday night’s performance of their new show, Rock. The first live-streaming event in the company’s 25 year history (nicknamed “Netflix is a Joke”), it will be played out before an expected audience of millions eager to judge who comes out on top. With fierce competition from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music and other streaming services, Netflix knows that they need this winnings shot if they want to maintain their dominance in what has rapidly become one of entertainment’s most important platforms

Given that the night is billed as “The SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration with Lenny Bruce”, things are sure to get feisty in the crowd, with performances by some of Bruce’s friends and contemporaries. Given his penchant for scandal and notoriously raucous live shows, it’s safe to say that this will be a night not to miss.

This new Variety report is good news for Rock fans who are looking forward to the special. Not only will they be able to rewind and pause, but they’ll also be able to watch it live if they join Netflix late. If there isn’t time to watch it all, the title will remain under the “continue watching” row. This means that even if someone misses a few minutes of the show, they can still catch up later.

Even two years after his highly successful Tamborine special aired on Netflix, comedian Rockness Johnson is still tweaking the material for his second Netflix comedy special. In September of 2016, Johnson and producer Judd Apatow announced a deal in which the comedian would create two specials for the streaming service. The first of these specials saw release in February 2018, and “Selective Outrage” will be released on Netflix this Friday night. This highly anticipated show is a follow-up to “Tamborine” and sees Johnson take on topical stand-up topics such as politics and social media bullies.

In 2016, audiences got to know Jim Rockford better than ever before when the 86-year-old comic starred in the titular series on FX. Though critics found its occasional bouts of rowdy humor lighthearted and fun, most agreed that Rockford was an endearing protagonist who brought a much-needed dose of realism to a medium often geared toward fantasy and action. His charisma won him legions of new fans, old ones renewed their commitments, and despite only airing for one season, it’s already been announced that a sequel is in the works. Whether or not those new followers appreciate how different the show is from everything else available on television (and many will undoubtedly find elements they don’t like), there’s little doubt that Jim Rockford has firmly cemented his place amongst television’s all

Fans who were eagerly anticipating a chance to see Rock perform and hoped to get tickets at the last minute scrambled to purchase tickets as soon as they became available. The Slap increased demand for the tour, driving the price up and making them harder to come by. However, even with inflated prices, demand was high enough that Rock played an extra show in San Francisco two days after his initial performance was announced.

It’s clear that though audiences love to hear stories of Rock’s experiences on stage and off, they’re just as interested in his other material. In particular, he spoke about raising two daughters who still identify as “poor” despite their father’s successful background. He also touched on the struggles of his parents during the early 60s and how these experiences have shaped his own views on race and class. Though he didn’t spend a lot of time talking about March 17th itself, it was clear that for Rock it is still a very personal topic.

Netflix seems to be doing well lately, thanks in part to the increasing popularity of its shows like Stranger Things. The company is expected to earn $1.85 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2017, according to analysts at Bernstein Research. This news comes shortly after it announced that it added 7.66 million paid subscribers during that same time period, far more than the 4.57 million Wall Street expected. If Rock does choose to address what happened on “Last Week Tonight” last month, viewership could go up even more and help Netflix’s effort to become a bigger player in the entertainment industry

In the aftermath of his slapping incident, Chris Rock’s stand-up tour took off. His sold-out shows grossed an average of $700,000 per night, increasing his already sizable fortune. While many pundits question whether the slap was really funny, audiences around the world seem to enjoy Rock’s brand of edgy humor.

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