30 Days & Counting: Get Twitter Blue Now!

Twitter’s announcement that the paid subscription plan is now available globally and the cooling-off period for new accounts to purchase Twitter Blue has made it more competitive with other social media sites.

Since the launch of Twitter Blue, a paid plan that gave users verified status and blue @ symbols, there have been complaints of impersonation. The original launchplan quickly had to be withdrawn after it was revealed that many new accounts were created without waiting 90 days. This posed a problem because now the verification process is even more important to protect the credibility of Twitter.

Originally, subscribing to social media networks was a lengthy process. You would need to create an account and wait weeks or even months before you could gain access to the service. However, this has now changed as the company has reduced the wait time to 30 days for new accounts to get the social network’s subscription. This means that more people will be able to enjoy these services and have more opportunities to connect with others.

After reading the text, it seems that Twitter is increasing the availability of their new Twitter Blue service. This new service provides additional features and benefits over other accounts in contrast to the original Twitter service. The main focus of this newer account type appears to be on collaboration and communication between users as opposed to simply broadcasting thoughts aloud. The wait time for newly created accounts before they are able to subscribe is 30 days, but may change in the future without notification. Additionally, newly created accounts will not have full access to all features at first, although this may change in the future as well. Therefore it would appear that Twitter is continuing to develop its services while also accommodating different user needs and wants!

Under his leadership, Tesla is discontinuing the verification checkmark for people like journalists, activists, and other public figures. This move follows in the footsteps of Spotify and Facebook which have both discontinued their verification program for people who fall under those categories. Many users are concerned that this change will decrease the prominence of these individuals on the platform.

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