Reopen Successful: Binance Resumes Trading after Bug Fix.

Creating a great user experience is important for any business, but it’s especially crucial for startup companies. These companies have to create a loyal customer base from the very beginning in order to grow and thrive. A great way to do this is by creating an interface that is easy to use and intuitive.

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The TechGround Top 3

  • Probably nothing to see here: For a few moments there, cryptocurrency giant Binance had to temporarily suspend spot trading, deposits and withdrawals, Manish reports. Everything was back to normal as of this morning.
  • Gone: Google removed hundreds of Kenya-focused loan apps from its Play Store following a new policy that digital lenders needed to provide proof of license, Annie writes. We watched something similar play out with the Indian government and lending apps in February.
  • Huge investment in EV: Ford is stepping on the accelerator when it comes to electric vehicles and will manufacture a next-generation electric truck at its $5.6 billion factory in Tennessee in 2025, Kirsten reports.

Startups and VC

Zigazoo has always been known for its TikTok-style app for kids. However, they have just announced a separate app that is meant for Gen Z users. The new app will have its own name and target an older audience than the original kid-focused app. This new app is called Zigazoo Kids and users who were using the younger targeted version of the app will automatically be migrated to this new one.

According to Dylibso, their new funding will help developers build better tools and libraries for WebAssembly, which is promising because as the tech grows in popularity, there will be even more opportunities to take advantage of its abilities. With a stronger tooling ecosystem in place, we can expect to see more advanced WebAssembly applications popping up in the near future.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University studied the effects different types of exercise have on the brain and found that aerobic exercise such as running, biking, or swimming has a positive effect on neuron growth in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is responsible for several important functions including learning, spatial navigation, and forming memories.

Pitch Deck Teardown:’s $1.5M Seed deck

If you’re like most people, you dream of traveling to exotic places. Well, one man is finally able to make that dream a reality. His name is Ricky Gervais and he’s just taken delivery of his very own

One factor that can help hardware startups validate their products before launching them to market is garnering early user feedback. CEO Narek Vardanyan says that the company makes it a priority to collect feedback from customers as soon as possible after they receive their products, so they can quickly identify and correct any issues. By doing this, startups can ensure that their creations are of the highest quality before going public with them.

The pitch deck for’s $1.5 million seed round showed investors how the company monetizes its product forecasts. Prelaunch collects data from partners such as weather forecast providers and technology companies, analyzes it, and provides its customers with custom predictions about what will happen in the future.

  • Cover slide
  • Summary slide
  • Market context slide
  • Problem slide
  • Solution slide
  • Problem with the existing solution slide
  • Product slide 1
  • Results slide
  • Product slide 2
  • Product slide 3
  • Product slide 4
  • Vision slide
  • Value prop slide
  • Traction and metrics slide
  • Business model and pricing slide
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Brian Jackson, a senior software engineer at TG++, believes that his interest in computer science and programming came from spending hours playing video games as a child. “I

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Big Tech Inc.

Do Kwon’s arrest may have something to do with the recent disputes between Terraform Labs and its major customer, Cloud Imperium Games. The dispute began when CIG accused Terraform of submitting unrealistic costs for services rendered, and it appears that this dispute may have led to Do Kwon’s arrest.

Now that the congressional hearing has come to a close, many people are getting to know some new information about TikTok. For example, we learned that the social media platform scans public videos to determine users’ ages, and that CEO Shou Zi Chew did not impress the audience. We also learned some new things about ByteDance, such as Sarah reporting that employees surveilled journalists when they found out they were investigating the company. Taylor has more on this story.

In today’s world, technological advances are constantly being made. With each new invention or discovery, the world becomes a little bit more complicated and difficult to understand. Take

  • On the other side of the pond: Natasha L has a pair of overseas government news items. The United Kingdom’s antitrust watchdog said new evidence “provisionally alleviates” concerns in relation to the supply of video game consoles in the U.K. related to the antitrust probe of the Microsoft–Activision deal. And the French parliament voted for biometric surveillance at Paris Olympics.
  • Up, up, but not away: Blue Origin released a report on the launch anomaly that happened six months ago and vows to fly again “soon,” Devin writes.
  • Cancel anytime: The Federal Trade Commission proposes a new rule to make it easier to cancel free trials and subscriptions. Aisha has more.
  • Testing, testing 1, 2, 3: Battery swapping provider Gogoro plans to scale in new markets via B2B partners, like Foodpanda in Singapore, Rebecca reports.
  • 800,000 problems and AI is not one: The Allen Institute for AI created a database of 3D models of everyday objects for its AI to play around with — 800,000 virtual props to be exact, Devin writes.
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