Audible Connects Non-Members to Free Ad-Supported Titles

Audible is testing access to its audiobook library for people who do not pay a monthly membership fee. The test is limited and does not apply to paid members, but it could spark interest in the audiobook market among those who are not currently subscribers.

Audible may be exploring the possibility of an ad-based membership option, which would allow listeners to listen to audio books for free with ads. This would be in addition to the current membership plan, which offers a subscription service with no ads. This could potentially increase Audible’s audience and make it more profitable.

There has been a recent change to how Audible advertises its products. Instead of simply popping up ads within books, the company is testing out ads within podcasts and audiobooks. This change is being done in order to better target customers with ads that are relevant to their interests. However, some content providers have not been happy about this change and have opted out of the Ads test altogether. Some users who are part of the Ads test say that they’ve already experienced eight ad pops in a 24-hour period. Audible has taken steps to make sure that ads won’t be heard too frequently, but some people feel like this could still be an invasive way for companies to market their products.

Audible is testing a new product called “Audibleactive.” Audibleactive is a service that allows listeners to listen to audio books without ever having to leave their app. This service will be available on all platforms, and the first book that will be available through Audibleactive is “The Humbling.”

Audible’s reported beta test of a new feature that allows listeners to choose their own closure for audiobooks is sure to be well received by its avid readership. This testing phase is likely in the United States, given that the company published a help page on its U.S. website describing the process.

Audible is a well-known audiobook company that offers a variety of membership plans to its customers. It’s possible that Audible may want to grow out its current membership offerings by adding a cheaper, more affordable ad-based option in order to compete with other audiobook companies, including new entrants like Spotify.

Spotify’s entry into the audiobooks industry could have a major impact on the industry as a whole. The streaming service already offers a variety of music and podcast options, so its addition of audiobooks could help to further appeal to customers. Additionally, ads could be introduced into audiobooks in order to generate additional revenue for Spotify.

It’s possible that Audible will go live with ads in the near future, as the company has been testing the idea for a few years now. Although it’s not clear exactly when or how this would happen, ads could provide a way for Audible to make more money while also potentially offering some benefits such as improved user experience.

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