Arts Help Digitizes Climate Library With $6M Fund

The nonprofit arts help is launching a $6 million fund to build the world’s first digital climate library to provide public access to the archives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The library will include documents dating back to when the convention was founded in 1992 and will be accessible through a website and app.

The outdated cataloging methods used by the UNFCCC necessitate the organization of many of its documents in a way that makes it difficult to find information. This problem is compounded by the fact that many of these papers are in poor condition, which means they often do not survive for long periods of time.

Gonhiem is hoping to make the treaty’s long legacy even more evident by digitizing its various documents and recordings. Making them searchable and available for anyone would be a monumental accomplishment, especially considering how easily these files can become damaged or lost over time. Gonhiem is making sure that this legacy will be preserved for future generations to enjoy

Incorporating art and creativity into sustainability projects is not a new phenomenon. However, the UNFCCC recognizes the urgency of this initiative and has given it high priority. By combining innovation with technology, arts, and sustainability, we can create spaces that are more inclusive and engaging for all.

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