“Enhancing User Experience: Truecaller’s Latest AI Update Identifies and Stops Increased Spam Call Activity”

Caller ID app Truecaller today blocks between 38 and 40 billion spam calls annually for its 374 million+ users. The update is Android-only: Apple does not allow Truecaller (or other caller ID services) to check callers’ spammer status to block calls automatically on iOS. But to get the best out of the app, users have to engage and tweak their own lists. This isn’t the first AI feature at Truecaller: it provides an AI assistant that screens calls to identify why the caller has dialled the user. After updating the Truecaller app to v13.58 or later, users can find the new spam-blocking feature by going through Settings > Block.

Caller ID application Truecaller has been successfully blocking billions of spam calls for its massive user base with the help of its advanced filtering technology. And now, in order to attract even more users to its premium tiers, the company has ramped up its filtering capabilities with the latest “Max” update for Android premium subscribers. Through the power of AI, this update goes beyond simply blocking numbers already listed in Truecaller’s database and instead blocks all calls from unknown or suspicious contacts, as TechCrunch has reported. This applies to Android devices only, as Apple does not allow caller ID services to automatically block calls on iOS.

As for iPhone users, Truecaller provides a basic service using CallKit. However, this update comes at a crucial time for the company, as it has recently experienced a decline in revenue and faces competition in its biggest market, India. The Indian telecom regulator has proposed its own caller ID service, similar to Truecaller, to be implemented across all telecom networks in the country. Although this proposal has met opposition due to privacy concerns, it poses a direct threat to Truecaller if it were to be implemented.

Truecaller’s new feature exemplifies the company’s belief in the potential for a business opportunity amidst the frustration of constant spam calls. However, this fix may come at the cost of missing important calls from unknown numbers and non-spammers that may actually be welcomed.

The app offers premium tiers ranging from $9.99 per month to $99.99 per year, depending on the level of coverage desired by the user. This new feature also signals a shift towards more proactive automation from Truecaller, as it aims to minimize the need for manual engagement from its users. While the app previously allowed subscribers to manually block numbers, the default setting now blocks any calls deemed suspicious or potential spammers.

“We have seen demand for such a feature from users who are familiar with the app,” says Kunal Dua, Vice President of Search at Truecaller, during a call. This latest AI feature joins Truecaller’s existing AI assistant that identifies the reason for the call, among other non-AI features such as cloud telephony and call recording.

The AI powering the new Max update has been in the works for some time now, with Truecaller testing multiple machine learning algorithms across its markets in order to identify spam numbers. These algorithms continue to learn and improve through user feedback. However, bringing this feature to iOS users would require a significant shift from Apple. In the past, Truecaller has introduced live caller ID support for iOS, although this is a more limited feature that requires a setup process for users.

It will be interesting to see how users respond to the all-encompassing nature of this feature, which may occasionally make mistakes. The app currently warns users that legitimate businesses may be blocked as well. However, Truecaller is confident that as more data is collected, the AI will continue to improve and minimize any errors. Users can also manually unblock a number if it was mistakenly marked as spam by the AI, which helps train and improve its capabilities.

After updating to the latest version, users can access the new spam-blocking feature through the Settings menu in the app. As Truecaller continues to explore the potential of AI and proactive automation, it will be interesting to see how it will impact the user experience and overall success of the app.

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